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UniCredit’s Raphael Barisaac in TXF on the importance of SMEs in driving the digital trade finance revolution

Whilst large and multi-national corporates may get all the attention when it comes to innovation in digital trade finance, Raphael Barisaac, Global Co-Head of Trade Finance at UniCredit, explains how small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) not only stand to benefit from digital trade finance tools, but are ideally placed to help drive wider adoption. Banks …

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Deutsche Bank’s Matthaeus Sielecki discusses bank-fintech partnerships in TXF

Trade and Export Finance has featured an article by Matthaeus Sielecki, Head of Working Capital Advisory at Deutsche Bank. Sielecki discusses how bank-fintech partnerships can be advantageous to both banks and fintechs in this evolving, technology-fuelled environment – and ultimately enable them to offer enhanced, digital transaction experiences that add significant value to end-users. Financial technology …

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