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iGTB’s Barry Rhodes writes about the dawn of “contextual” corporate payments in The Paypers

Barry Rhodes, iGTB’s Head of Payments, has written an expert piece for The Paypers where he explains how banks should look to understand the context behind a corporate payment to revolutionise their services and develop new revenue streams. Previously, banks have approached payments with a product-centric mindset that hindered meaningful client relationships. A better approach is to understand …

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UniCredit’s Cédric Derras discusses Europe’s upcoming instant payments revolution in new B2B guide from The Paypers

The introduction of instant payments to the European market is fast approaching. Cédric Derras, Global Head of Cash Management at UniCredit, explains in a new B2B guide from The Paypers how banks and corporates can ensure they are ready for this transition and make the most of the opportunities it will present. Despite the benefits …

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iGTB’s Herber de Ruijter on contextual and convenient bank services in expert piece for The Paypers

In the age of digitalisation, APIs and vast amounts of existing client data can enable banks to offer entirely new services and enhance bank-client interactions, rather than just keep up with change driven by regulations and industry competitors, says Herber de Ruijter, Head of Digital at iGTB, in an expert piece for The Paypers. De Ruijter says …

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