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The Juncker Plan: a bridge too far?

In this month’s edition of Infrastructure Investor, Michael Wilkins, Managing Director of Infrastructure Finance at Standard & Poor’s, discusses the ‘Juncker Plan’ – an initiative adopted by the European Commission (EC) in order to inject €315 billion of infrastructure investment into the Eurozone’s stagnating economy. While most market participants agree this is a step in …

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Natixis’ Anne-Christine Champion on why the project pipeline may underwhelm again in 2015

In April’s edition of IJ Global, Anne-Christine Champion, Natixis’ Global Head of Infrastructure and Projects, examines why there will continue to be a low supply of projects in Europe, despite hopes that infrastructure plans like Junker’s will restore a pipeline of deals.

Overcoming obstacles: S&P says the ambitious ‘Juncker Plan’ is viable

In an attempt to create jobs and boost growth in a stagnating Eurozone, the European Commission adopted ‘The Juncker Plan’ in January this year. The plan, which aims to inject €315 billion into the Eurozone’s economy through greater infrastructure spending, has been described as highly ambitious, but Standard & Poor’s believes that it is achievable …

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As the EC adopts ‘The Juncker Plan’ S&P discusses its potential

The European Commission’s “Juncker plan”– named after EC president Jean-Claude Junker – aims to deliver €315 billion of global investment through a pipeline of 2,000 projects – with the majority directed towards infrastructure development – over the next three years, but some doubt its potential. Standard & Poor’s Mike Wilkins explains that, despite simulations showing that …

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