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TFR reports on ICC UK’s Annual Trade Finance Conference

TFR recently reported on the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) United Kingdom’s 2016 Trade Finance Conference held in December. The conference covered a range of topics from Brexit, global economic uncertainty, and trade finance shortages, to regulation, compliance and the growth of digitisation. It provided a platform for trade finance figures in the UK and Europe …

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iGTB’s Anand Pande cited in Trade & Forfaiting Review discussing world trade and the trend for de-risking

Anand Pande, Senior Adviser in Banking at iGTB and founder of the Growth Paradigm Partnership has been cited in Trade & Forfaiting Review in an editor’s piece on world trade and issues around de-risking and reduced correspondent banking networks. In a section of the article discussing widespread concerns that the world was shrinking away from …

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Trade and Forfaiting Review features expert piece by CWEIC’s Oliver Everett on CommonwealthFirst

Trade and Forfaiting Review has featured an article by CWEIC CEO Oliver Everett on CommonwealthFirst. With UK SMEs playing an important role as dynamic and influential contributors to the economy, Everett explains why it is crucial they get the support that they need in their efforts to grow and succeed. Exporting overseas is one way SMEs can achieve this growth, and Everett explains how the CommonwealthFirst initiative …

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