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In Banking Technology, Deutsche Bank’s James Binns talks risk mitigation through strengthening supply chains

Head of Working Capital, EMEA at Deutsche Bank, James Binns, explains how supply chain financing can be utilised to generate internal sources of funding and buffer shocks from various sources. With geopolitical uncertainty on the rise, stable sources of liquidity and improved supply chain health are more in demand than ever, and can be created through …

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Driving the business case for sustainability – Commerzbank in gtnews

Most large companies now agree that pursuing a sustainable business approach is an important part of their long-term strategy. However, for smaller companies without the same resources, prioritising sustainability over short-term survival can be a challenge. As such, Ruediger Geis, Head of Product Management Trade, at Commerzbank, writes for gtnews on how banks – as …

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Commerzbank on banks driving forward the sustainability agenda in Business Green magazine

In an increasingly global and competitive market, many firms prioritise short-term survival and profitability over long-term strategy. The challenge, therefore, explains Commerzbank’s Ruediger Geis, Head of Product Management, Trade Services and Issues, is to overcome the tension between short-term gains and sustainable practices. In this respect, writes Geis, not only do corporates have a duty …

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