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Commerzbank’s Ruediger Senft cited on sustainable trade finance in Global Trade Review

Global Trade Review has cited the head of corporate responsibility at Commerzbank, Ruediger Senft, on the impact of climate risk on global commerce. Senft explains that while trading companies and commodity producers face “real and urgent challenges”, they can “look to their banks for expertise on how to build resilient, future-proof supply chains”. He argues that “instead …

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Commerzbank’s Ruediger Geis sets out a blueprint for a sustainable economy in Trade Ready

In an article for Trade Ready, Ruediger Geis, Head Product Management Trade at Commerzbank, shows how banks can lead the way to sustainable trade – pointing to education, standards and guidelines as important milestones.

The top trends in finance today: Commerzbank’s Enno-Burghard Weitzel interviewed by The Banker

In a video interview filmed at the recent Sibos conference, The Banker‘s Joy Macknight asked Enno-Burghard Weitzel, head product management trade services at Commerzbank, for his take on the top trends in finance today, including progress on blockchain, the value of the bank payment obligation (BPO) and the rise of sustainable trade.

Commerzbank awarded for its “significant contribution to sustainability” by Global Trade Review

The bank was highlighted in the magazine’s “Leaders in Trade 2016 Awards”. Ruediger Geis, Commerzbank’s Head Product Management Trade, comments: “We’re pleased to be recognised for our efforts in the sustainability field, and particularly honoured to be included among such high-calibre nominees. This award is testament to our dedication to corporate responsibility, strong sustainability standards, and …

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Panel hosted by S&P Global Ratings and the 2° Investing Initiative is covered by the specialist press

Recent research by the 2° Investing Initiative and The Generation Foundation claims that analysts and investors with a short-term focus may overlook risk to the long-term viability of companies, especially since the value of institutional investors’ portfolios is mostly based on cash flows beyond five years. The ways in which long-term risk analysis has grown …

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S&P’s Mike Wilkins tells Business Green that climate risk assessment is moving in the right direction, but not fast enough

Even after the 2008 financial crisis, new research by the 2° Investing Initiative and the Generation Foundation highlights how analysts and investors still largely ignore ‘white swans’ – non-cyclical, non-linear, long-term financial risks that short-term (1-5 years) focused financial analyses leave in the dark. In an interview for Business Green, Mike Wilkins, S&P Global Ratings’ …

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S&P Global Ratings’ report discussing new climate risk disclosures reaches specialist press

Following the latest U.N. Climate Change Summit (COP22) in Marrakesh, the Financial Stability Board’s (FSB) Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) released its much-anticipated climate-related financial risk recommendations. These recommendations aim to provide specific climate-related guidance for organisations in the financial and non-financial sectors, including: asset managers, asset owners, banks, insurance companies, energy, transportation, …

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Deutsche Bank’s Anil Walia on the crucial role of supply chain finance in Procurement Leaders

In Procurement Leaders’ November/December 2016 issue, Anil Walia, EMEA Head Supply Chain Finance at Deutsche Bank, explains the crucial role supply chain finance can play in the buyer/supplier ecosystem, contributing to the benefit of all involved. Under the title “Ramping up the synergies in cash-poor times” Walia relates how many of the discussions in which …

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S&P’s Mike Wilkins details updated Green Bond Evaluation in interview with Responsible Investor

Following a climate finance panel discussion at COP22 in Marrakesh, Mike Wilkins, S&P Global Ratings’ Head of Environmental and Climate Risk Research, tells Sophie Robinson-Tillett of Responsible Investor that S&P’s ‘Green Bond Evaluation’ is expected to launch in the first quarter of 2017. “We’ve been providing credit ratings on green bonds for a number of …

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S&P Global Ratings tells Blue & Green Tomorrow that greater standardisation will help green bonds flourish in real estate

Green bonds – bonds issued to fund sustainable investments – are growing in the global real estate sector. In a commentary for a leading sustainability specialist, Blue & Green Tomorrow, Eric Tanguy, Senior Director at S&P Global Ratings, suggests that green bonds are increasingly aligning the interests of commercial real estate tenants, commercial real estate …

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