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S&P Global Ratings’ Mar Beltran explains Carillion’s accounting malpractices

Before its eventual collapse, Carillion mislabelled its financial liability to banks as “owed to creditors” rather than “borrowing”. According to the UK parliamentary committee investigating its demise, this allowed the company to avoid negatively affecting its debt-to-equity ratio and to prolong its survival. In a recent statement, Mar Beltran, senior director and lead for Infrastructure …

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What makes a payables finance programme successful? Anil Walia, Deutsche Bank’s Head of Financial Supply Chain Finance, EMEA, discusses in TMI

In an increasingly competitive supply chain finance ecosystem – consisting of banks, non-banks, and a combination of the two – what makes a payables finance programme ‘successful’? And how can corporate treasurers select an effective provider? Writing in TMI, Anil Walia, Deutsche Bank’s Head of Financial Supply Chain, EMEA, suggests that corporates should base their …

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“Voice of the 1000” puts Deutsche Bank top of Supply Chain Financing in Asia-Pacific

Deutsche Bank has been voted Asia-Pacific’s best supply chain finance provider by an independent survey conducted by East & Partners Asia, a leading specialist market research firm in the corporate and investment banking markets, in collaboration with Corporate Treasurer magazine. The “Voice of the 1000” surveyed the region’s top 1,000 institutions, as measured by annual …

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Deutsche Bank launch “Payables Finance: a guide to working capital optimisation”

When faced with the choice of cash to fund a corporate finance strategy or cash to meet a 30-day supplier schedule, the revenue-generating activity will obviously be more alluring. However, while extending payment terms makes it possible to grow cash mountains, what happens if the supplier goes out of business while they wait? Enter payables …

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UniCredit’s Adeline de Metz discusses the past, present, and future of supply chain finance in BCR’s World Supply Chain Finance Report 2018

Supply chain finance (SCF) has evolved considerably in the last 15 years. In the early 2000s, bank revenues from SCF services only represented a very small proportion of the total trade finance business. And the wider SCF landscape comprised only a handful of banks implementing payables finance programmes for their largest corporate clients. Today, appreciation …

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Commerzbank’s Angela Koll praises the BPO in BCR’s 2018 Supply Chain Finance Report

Speaking at BCR’s 2018 Supply Chain Finance Summit, Angela Koll, Specialist, Trade & Supply Chain Finance at Commerzbank, offers her views in this year’s edition of the Supply Chain Finance Report, which accompanies the event. On pages 27-28, Koll highlights the value that the Bank Payment Obligation (BPO) can bring to the industry.

iGTB’s Anand Pande quoted in article for The Economist on how technology is revolutionising supply chain finance

Anand Pande, Head of Supply Chain Finance and Trade at iGTB, has been cited in the leading “Finance and Economics” article in the October 14th-20th edition of The Economist. The article describes how technology is reshaping the financing of firms that sell to other firms, and is leading banks into new alliances with technology specialists. In the article, …

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Austria’s first BPO: Commerzbank’s landmark transaction covered by the specialist press

Commerzbank has reached a milestone in the digitalisation of the trade finance industry, having processed the first Bank Payment Obligation (BPO) deal in Austria. A BPO allows the automatic release of funds between banks based on the matching of electronic data. Companies are increasingly recognising the benefits of the trade instrument, which include faster communication …

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Deutsche Bank discusses the challenges and opportunities facing the Supply Chain Finance community in Flow

For Deutsche Bank, Supply Chain Finance (SCF) has become the fastest growing business lines within the trade finance product family – with payables finance (also commonly referred to as reverse factoring and approved payables finance) displaying revenue growth rates of 20-30% in recent years. However, the market is yet to capitalise on its full potential. …

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ICC Banking Commission’s Olivier Paul discusses updates in supply chain finance terminology in the latest B2B guide from The Paypers

In the latest B2B guide from The Paypers, Olivier Paul, Head of Policy, ICC Banking Commission, outlines the value of supply chain finance (SCF) in the trade finance industry. With an increasing number of players in this area, standardising SCF definitions and techniques is important in providing clarity to the industry. Fortunately, industry efforts focusing …

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