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What’s happened to FDI in Sub-Saharan Africa? Commerzbank’s Christian Toben explains in Banker Africa magazine

In an op-ed for Banker Africa magazine, Christian Toben, regional head of Africa at Commerzbank, sets out the challenges facing foreign direct investment (FDI) flows to the continent, and looks for ways to bring them back up to scratch. FDI has been vital to the growth of Sub-Saharan Africa’s economies. Inflows were promising over the last …

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Commerzbank’s Christian Toben sees demographic dividends on the Sub-Saharan African horizon in Jeune Afrique

The UN hopes for “full and productive employment by 2030”. Writing for leading African political and economic magazine Jeune Afrique, Christian Toben, Regional Head of Africa at Commerzbank, notes that any chance of hitting this ambitious target will depend on the continent – home to about half of the additional global workforce expected over the …

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