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The revolution will be digitalised: Commerzbank’s Edith Weymayr gives a video interview to World Finance magazine

Edith Weymayr, Divisional Board Member, Mittelstandsbank South at Commerzbank, was in the studio at the London Stock Exchange to film an interview with World Finance magazine. In “Spearheading the digital revolution in banking” Weymayr outlined the bank’s strategy for embracing the digital era of finance and better supporting SMEs.

UniCredit’s Sebastian Hölker discusses the potential of big data in FX-MM

Big data is a trend that already boasts a number of impressive success stories, with firms making dramatic improvements in almost every area of their business. Yet despite their strong background in handling large quantities of data, banks and corporate treasury departments have yet to fully embrace big data’s potential. It’s time they did, writes Sebastian …

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Commerzbank manages FX risk in Treasury Management International’s cover story

Navigating the complexities, volatilities and risks of foreign exchange today can be a headache for treasurers, especially those in smaller companies. Commerzbank’s Martin Keller, Head of Product Management, Mittelstandsbank, is joined by MyTreasury’s CEO and founder Justin Meadows to offer detailed insights on five key steps for managing risk when managing foreign exchange, in the …

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Driving the business case for sustainability – Commerzbank in gtnews

Most large companies now agree that pursuing a sustainable business approach is an important part of their long-term strategy. However, for smaller companies without the same resources, prioritising sustainability over short-term survival can be a challenge. As such, Ruediger Geis, Head of Product Management Trade, at Commerzbank, writes for gtnews on how banks – as …

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