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Banks to issue more green bonds, says S&P Global Ratings report, covered by specialist press

As key providers of financing, banks have a significant role to play in the transition to a low-carbon economy. S&P Global Ratings’ recent report considers the growth of green bonds issued by banks in recent years and prospects for continued green financing to account for an increasing proportion of bank lending in the future. The …

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S&P Global Ratings’ Green Evaluation of Eolica Mesa La Paz onshore wind financing covered by the specialist press

The proposed bonds that will finance the Eólica Mesa La Paz wind farm, in Mexico, have received an S&P Global Ratings Green Evaluation of E1/91 – the highest score available. Eólica Mesa La Paz will finance the construction of a 306-megawatt (MW) onshore wind project, located in Tamaulipas, by using a new senior secured bond …

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S&P Global Ratings’ Modern Land (China) Green Evaluation covered by Responsible Investor

Modern Land (China) Co. Ltd.’s US$350 million of green bonds – to finance environmentally certified buildings in China – have received an S&P Global Ratings Green Evaluation score of E1/84. The high Mitigation score of 92/100 is because of the high level of expected avoided carbon emissions compared with the baseline scenario – due to …

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Writing for the Aldersgate Group’s insights platform, S&P Global Ratings’ Michael Wilkins considers green investment for infrastructure

To keep temperatures from rising 2˚C above pre-industrial levels, green infrastructure needs significant investment. Michael Wilkins, Head of Sustainable Finance for S&P Global Ratings, discusses where that money is going to come from – and considers both public and private sources. Read the full article here

S&P Global Ratings’ BIF II Holtwood Green Evaluation covered by the specialist press

US$350 million senior secured notes, issued in February 2018, by BIF III Holtwood LLC, have received an S&P Global Ratings Green Evaluation score of E1/90. The score of E1/90 reflects an excellent Mitigation score (95/100), which is supported by a focus on renewable energy generation contributing to systemic decarbonisation and that these projects are located …

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S&P Global Ratings’ Michael Ferguson discusses the outlook for U.S. green finance in Investment Week

The financing of green infrastructure projects is rising worldwide. And alternative financing tools are piquing the interest of investors, many of whom are increasingly sensitive to climate concerns. Michael Ferguson, Director, U.S. Energy Infrastructure and Sustainable Finance at S&P Global Ratings, highlights the expansion of the U.S.’ decarbonisation efforts and how green bonds are used …

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S&P Global Ratings’ Anne Selting sheds light on the White House’s Infrastructure Plan for P3 Bulletin

Following the release of the White House’s Infrastructure Plan, which serves to rejuvenate America’s aging infrastructure network, S&P Global Ratings’ Anne Selting spoke to P3 Bulletin about the details included in the proposals. “This program poses a unique challenge for state and local governments to come up with at least 80% of funding,” says Selting. …

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S&P Global Ratings’ Mar Beltran sheds light on Carillion’s collapse for Construction News

Writing for Construction News, S&P Global Ratings’ Mar Beltran analyses the reasons behind Carillion’s demise. The U.K. construction services firm’s troubles can be traced back to 2012. Beltran comments: “Among the main culprits are the significant impairments to projects and decreasing operational margins, which both suggest failures in risk management policies.” There are lessons to …

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Newly formed S&P Global Ratings Sustainable Finance Team hosts media reception

On 17 April 2018, S&P Global Ratings marked the launch of its Sustainable Finance team. At a reception in central London, the team, which includes members from North America, hosted specialist and tier one agencies. The Sustainable Finance Team is a cross-practice, dedicated team of S&P Global Ratings analysts who cover environmental, social and governance …

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PFI not to blame for Carillion’s collapse, says S&P Global Ratings

Carillion’s compulsory liquidation has not only disrupted the U.K.’s construction market; it has dredged public debate about the efficacy of the U.K.’s private finance initiatives (PFIs). S&P Global Ratings’ research paper on Carillion’s collapse argues that the PFI scheme itself should not be held accountable for Carillion’s demise. The rating agency instead offers an alternative …

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