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S&P Global Ratings’ first South American Green Evaluation scores E1/85, covered by the Spanish-speaking press.

S&P Global Ratings assigned its first Green Evaluation in South America to the municipal bonds issued by the Province of La Rioja, Argentina, totalling US$170 million. The green-labelled bonds will be used to partly finance the development of the onshore wind farm, Parque Arauco – which will see its current 50.4 megawatts (MW) capacity increased …

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Not on Olympic form? Commerzbank’s Thomas Krieger explains how Brazil can get back in trading shape in International Trade Magazine

As the Olympic opening ceremony takes place in Rio de Janeirio this Friday, all eyes will be on Brazil and its struggling economy. In an article for the latest issue of specialist commerce publication, International Trade Magazine, Thomas Krieger, regional head of Latin America at Commerzbank, explains that Brazil’s economy is tied to its export trade; …

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Commerzbank’s Robert von Oldershausen examines the resilience of Chile’s economy for FTSE Global Markets

In an article for leading financial magazine, FTSE Global Markets, Robert von Oldershausen, Commerzbank’s Senior Relationship Manager for FI Latin America, explores the economy of Chile, and assesses its capacity to weather current challenges. The article notes that Chile has been at the forefront of Latin American economic growth since the 1980s, posting impressive rates …

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