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Satago describes how on-demand business finance is supporting SMEs in Global Banking & Finance Review

The increasing convenience of modern living is driving expectations for 24-hour, instant access across many aspects of their personal and business lives. Yet, the financial services industry has had difficulties keeping up with demand from companies, including SMEs, which are looking for more efficient solutions. Writing for Global Banking & Finance Review, Satago’s CEO, Steven …

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Satago’s Steven Renwick writes an article for GTNews on how tech innovation is facilitating easy-access business finance

Technological advancements are creating new opportunities in the field of SME finance, and alternative financiers are leveraging these digital capabilities to offer pioneering solutions to small businesses. Writing for GTNews, Satago’s CEO, Steven Renwick, discusses the customer-first culture of fintechs, and how this is enabling them to produce exemplary and accessible finance technology. Renwick notes …

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Satago’s Steven Renwick talks “on-demand business finance” in Tech City News

The financial services industry, long overdue a radical transformation, has been slow to embrace disruptive innovation. But a new breed of fintechs has emerged that is transforming the SME funding landscape. In Tech City News, Steven Renwick, CEO of Satago, explains how, by leveraging cloud technology, real-time data and analytics tools, these new fintechs are …

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