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Satago’s Steven Renwick considers the advantages of invoice finance over lump sums for SMEs in Business Advice

Often for SMEs, receiving a lump sum or an equity investment can generate dilemmas resulting in overtrading or unwanted external influences. In Business Advice, Steven Renwick, CEO of Satago, considers an attractive alternative – selective invoice finance. Such a facility enables businesses to borrow funds as and when needed – on demand. Renwick writes that “Instead …

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How to become your own bank manager: Satago discusses pioneering SME finance developments in SmallBusiness.co.uk

The SME finance landscape is being transformed, with alternative financiers leveraging cloud technology, real-time data and analytics tools to provide businesses with smart, efficient and cost effective finance and debtor management solutions. In SmallBusiness.co.uk, Steven Renwick, CEO of fintech company Satago, discusses how we have reached the point where technology is enabling such levels of …

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