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S&P Global Ratings’ Michael Wilkins explains why greater standardisation will allow green bonds to flourish in an article for RICS Property Journal

In light of intensifying environmental and financial pressures, a growing number of corporates are seeking economically sustainable properties that can reduce energy costs as well as fulfil corporate social responsibility commitments. With this in mind, the issuance of green bonds – debt instruments whose proceeds are used to fund environmentally sustainable projects – have been …

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S&P Global Ratings tells Blue & Green Tomorrow that greater standardisation will help green bonds flourish in real estate

Green bonds – bonds issued to fund sustainable investments – are growing in the global real estate sector. In a commentary for a leading sustainability specialist, Blue & Green Tomorrow, Eric Tanguy, Senior Director at S&P Global Ratings, suggests that green bonds are increasingly aligning the interests of commercial real estate tenants, commercial real estate …

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S&P tells Property Week green property financing is forecast to grow

In an interview with Property Week, S&P Global Ratings’ Eric Tanguy predicts that green financing, through the use of green bonds, is expected to play a larger role in the real estate market in the years to come. He predicts this will be driven by two factors. “Firstly, green bonds promote the efforts of property …

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