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Writing for the World Bank, S&P Global Ratings’ Mar Beltran explains why infrastructure lending is on the rise

In recent years, the rated infrastructure universe has largely grown without interruption as increasing levels of capital flows to the sector. In a post for the World Bank, Mar Beltran, S&P Global Ratings’ senior director and sector lead for Infrastructure, EMEA, explains why. Read the blog here.

S&P Global Ratings’ Mar Beltran sheds light on Carillion’s collapse for Construction News

Writing for Construction News, S&P Global Ratings’ Mar Beltran analyses the reasons behind Carillion’s demise. The U.K. construction services firm’s troubles can be traced back to 2012. Beltran comments: “Among the main culprits are the significant impairments to projects and decreasing operational margins, which both suggest failures in risk management policies.” There are lessons to …

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The North American water sector is ready for a financing shakeup, writes S&P’s Trevor D’Olier-Lees for Water Canada

Financing improvements to North America’s water network is a gargantuan task—one that has ascended the public sector’s ability to handle alone. While the recent public health crisis in Flint, Michigan, cast a spotlight on water quality issues in the region, financing the upgrading and maintenance of aging systems remains a burden. Writing for Water Canada, S&P …

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Easing infrastructure finance flows: S&P Global Ratings’ Trevor D’Olier-Lees and Mar Beltran write for BRINK NEWS

There’s no denying that underinvestment in infrastructure can have deleterious effects upon a country’s trade and economic competitiveness. But, equally, the challenges of financing capital-intensive infrastructure projects from public funds – and without compromising fiscal targets – are only heightening. The question, therefore, is: What tools are available that can ease financing for urgently-required infrastructure …

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S&P Global Ratings tells Partnerships Bulletin that fiscal reform may spur fiscal innovation in the GCC

Low oil prices in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region continue to increase governments’ fiscal deficits. In an article for Partnerships Bulletin, S&P Global Ratings’ Karim Nassif explains that low oil prices are also encouraging GCC sovereign governments to implement fiscal reform, involving higher taxes and lower subsidies for infrastructure industries such as utilities, telecommunications, …

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Santander discusses turning Chile’s infrastructure challenges into opportunities for Infrastructure Intelligence

Chile is one of Latin America’s most promising investment destinations, particularly when it comes to infrastructure discusses Mauricio Munguia, Santander’s Latin American Desk Head, as featured in the latest Infrastructure Intelligence magazine. A key area of focus for Chile are public-private partnerships (PPP), a funding model involving the use of private finance to facilitate the …

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Santander’s Mauricio Munguia explores Chile’s renewable energy opportunities in Renewable Energy World

With 261 renewable energy projects currently in the pipeline, Chile offers renewable energy companies a market teeming with potential. In a recent article for Renewable Energy World, Santander’s Latin America Desk Head, Mauricio Munguia, discusses the opportunities presented by the market, for both private-sector initiatives and export. Indeed, with an ambitious aim to generate 70% …

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S&P discusses the challenges of funding Europe’s infrastructure in Global Banking and Finance Review

Europe needs infrastructure to help spur its growth – but faced with high levels of debt and policies of austerity, governments are finding it difficult to justify funding expensive projects. Writing for Global Banking and Finance Review’s latest monthly issue, Standard & Poor’s Michael Wilkins, managing director of infrastructure finance ratings, points to greater collaboration …

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S&P tells PPP Bulletin: Public-private partnerships could be the solution for the Gulf

In an opinion piece for specialist magazine PPP Bulletin, Karim Nassif, regional expert and associate director at Standard & Poor’s, suggests the Gulf is on the cusp of a public-private partnership (PPP) revolution. Given the need to diversity funding sources for crucial infrastructure projects – a result of tighter public-sector purse strings thanks to a …

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Power, politics and projects are the focus of S&P’s March issue of Infrastructure Outlook

In the March edition of Infrastructure Outlook – Standard & Poor’s monthly newsletter rounding up all the key rating actions and research relevant to infrastructure and project finance – Karim Nassif, an S&P associate director based in Dubai, explains that the Gulf Corporation Council is having to re-think its approach to developing the region’s infrastructure. …

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