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In The Paypers, BNY Mellon’s Ross Jones discusses the importance of collaboration in driving payment innovation

  With client demand for real-time services increasingly being met in domestic payments, the industry is turning its focus to applying similar capabilities to global payments. Indeed, in this globalised world, cross-border transactions are soaring, and creating real-time solutions for payments – irrespective of location – has become a key priority. In order to achieve …

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BNY Mellon’s Bana Akkad Azhari discusses how banks are working together for an enhanced payment experience in FX-MM

Fintech innovation is transforming the payments landscape, and as technology continues to evolve, the need to enhance the cross-border payment experience is becoming ever more evident. Indeed, the existing infrastructures in place are far from optimal. Typically taking three-to-five days to settle, cross- border payments are falling short of modern-day expectations. Writing for FX-MM, BNY …

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BNY Mellon’s Diego Ortellado discusses how Latin American banks can leverage new digital opportunities by engaging with fintechs

Fintech is triggering a monumental shift in the payments space, bringing new capabilities that are enhancing the transaction experience and fuelling client expectations for better, faster and more innovative solutions. Yet, while fintech start-ups have been able to make a mark in the retail business, successfully launching innovative solutions on the corporate side – where …

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