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BNY Mellon’s Bana Akkad Azhari talks to The Business Year on the importance of the bank’s operations in Lebanon

When asked about the importance of Lebanon to the bank’s operations, Bana Akkad Azhari, Managing Director, BNY Mellon, tells The Business Year that as its central hub in the Middle East since 1963, Lebanon has provided “a solid financial sector and significant client base” as historically one of the most “open and liberal economies in the …

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BNY Mellon partners with Cash & Trade for Lebanon roundtable

Lebanon remains a beacon of light in a sadly troubled region, partly due to the strength and reliability of its banking sector. At a BNY Mellon-hosted roundtable in Beirut, Cash & Trade sat down with a number of Lebanese banks to discuss issues such as client appetite for technology, and the active role of Lebanese …

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