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Q&A with Deutsche Bank’s Andrew Reid in The Paypers B2B Fintech guide 2016

In a Q&A for The Paypers, Andrew Reid, Managing Director and Head of Cash Management Corporates, GTB, explained how now was the time for the B2B payments space to have the same level of transformation and convenience that the Retail banking space has experienced in recent times. Reid argued that banks and corporates should be …

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Siemens Financial Services paves the way for smart cities in the Wall Street Journal

In a video interview for the Wall Street Journal’s ‘Business Debate’ platform, Julie Alexander, Director of Urban Development at Siemens, and Johannes Schmidt, Head of Financial Advisory and Structuring at Siemens Financial Services, show that digitalisation will be key to global urban development. For the first time in history, the majority of the planet’s population …

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Structured Retail Products interviews Natixis’ Eric Le Brusq on new partnership with Swiss Life

Asset manager SwissLife AM has called on Natixis’ equity derivatives financial engineering expertise to launch the SLF fund (LUX) Equity Global NXS Protect. The fund’s objective is to achieve long-term growth by investing in a global mix of smart beta and cap-weighted strategies on the main international equity markets, while hedging the portfolio by purchasing …

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BNY Mellon examines fintech’s impact on the payments space in Cash & Trade

The world of payments is being fundamentally reshaped by fintech, with technology-led developments radically transforming retail and consumer payments. Innovation on the corporate side is a more complex proposition, but as pressure mounts from corporate clients who wish to enjoy the same levels of speed, ease and flexible access in their business transactions that they do …

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Bank-fintech alliances to revolutionise B2B payments says new Deutsche Bank whitepaper

Banks and fintechs should partner rather than compete, says Deutsche Bank’s whitepaper ‘FinTech 2.0: Creating new opportunities through strategic alliance’. In the new paper on technological innovation, Deutsche Bank posits that far from seeing them as competition, traditional banks must collaborate with industry disruptors and new players in order to continue to innovate. “Innovation is not …

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Deutsche Bank’s Rhomaios Ram speaks to Bitcoin Magazine on fintech partnerships

Strategic alliances are the future for banks and fintechs alike, allowing both to survive in an increasingly competitive environment, explained Rhomaios Rham to Bitcoin Magazine – ahead of a whitepaper to be published by Deutsche Bank on the same. Rham said that in his experience fintechs are keen to partner, as “they see the benefits that …

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Deutsche Bank’s Kevin Garlan discusses allying with fintech disruptors in Payments Source

Kevin Garlan, Deutsche Bank, discuss the market drivers making bank-fintech partnerships the optimal environment for payments innovation in 2016 with Payments Source.

BNY Mellon’s Dominic Broom examines bank-fintech partnerships in Global Banking & Finance Review

Fintech is becoming an ever-greater force in the transaction landscape, bringing new capabilities that are enhancing the payments experience and fuelling client expectations for better, faster and more innovative solutions across the payments spectrum. In Global Banking & Finance Review Dominic Broom, Head of Treasury Services EMEA at BNY Mellon, discusses how banks and fintech …

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Fintech and the trading sector: BNY Mellon in GTR

Recognition of the potential value fintech could present is creating a growing fervour throughout the banking industry. And while the trading space has always been regarded as somewhat slow when it comes to embracing and adopting new innovations, it is far more receptive to developments and more inclined to accept new solutions – particularly those …

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BNY Mellon and FX-MM host fintech-focused Nordics roundtable

The world of payments is undergoing a monumental shift, with fintech innovation providing a plethora of new capabilities. In turn, this is shaping client expectations and enabling new players to enter the payments space. With banks across the globe facing a rapidly evolving landscape, BNY Mellon and FX-MM gathered together a number of Nordic banks …

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