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S&P’s Julyana Yokota considers potential improvements to Colombia’s 4G toll road program in P3 Bulletin

Improving Colombia’s road network is critical for its economic growth. According to the World Economic Forum, the country’s toll roads rank in the bottom 20 countries surveyed in the world in terms of quality. To address this issue, in 2013 the Colombian government embarked on a highly ambitious series of road projects, known as the …

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S&P Global Ratings’ José Coballasi tells Revista Fortuna that Mexico’s infrastructure sector can succeed with or without NAFTA

In an article for Mexican publication Revista Fortuna, S&P Director José Coballasi, explains that regardless of Trump’s stance on the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), Mexico’s infrastructure sector is strong enough to weather slower levels of economic growth should the US alter the Agreement. This is due to the sector’s overall high ratings and …

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S&P Global Ratings unveils a major new overview of the state of US infrastructure

S&P Global Ratings has released a major new report, “Developing US Infrastructure In An Era Of Emerging Challenges: Observations From Key Sectors”. The paper assesses the condition of selected American infrastructure sectors, outlines the specific challenges faced in each, and offers an overview of the methods available to finance them.

S&P Global Ratings tells the specialist press that EFSI needs more investment – but certain challenges must be addressed

The Investment Plan for Europe (IPE), or the Juncker Plan, was conceived in 2014 by European Commission (EC) President Jean-Claude Juncker to boost job creation and growth, meet the long-term needs of the economy, increase competitiveness, and help strengthen infrastructure. To bolster the IPE, the European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI) was also launched to …

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S&P Global Ratings releases 2017’s first quarterly Infrastructure Finance Outlook newsletter

The new edition of IFR Outlook brings together the major commentaries, ratings updates and news in the global infrastructure sector over the first three months of 2017. Making the front page is an in-depth feature on the credit implications of “bundling” of project finance assets. Senior director Trevor D’Olier-Lees argues that aggregating assets can “unlock …

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S&P Global Ratings’ wrapped project finance issue at the University of Essex is covered by the specialist press

S&P Global Ratings has assigned an ‘A’ Standard & Poor’s underlying rating (SPUR) with a stable outlook to a £98.2 million debt issuance by ULiving@Essex Ltd. (ProjectCo), the entity created to build and manage student accommodation at the University of Essex. S&P Global’s SPUR rating reflects the accommodation’s lack of construction risk and high occupancy …

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S&P Global Ratings’ Michael Wilkins explains why greater standardisation will allow green bonds to flourish in an article for RICS Property Journal

In light of intensifying environmental and financial pressures, a growing number of corporates are seeking economically sustainable properties that can reduce energy costs as well as fulfil corporate social responsibility commitments. With this in mind, the issuance of green bonds – debt instruments whose proceeds are used to fund environmentally sustainable projects – have been …

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S&P’s Mike Wilkins tells InfraNews that green infrastructure financing can evolve – despite Trump

The last five years has seen significant growth in climate-related infrastructure financing, but the election of Donald Trump raises new questions to that expansion. In the first of a new series of articles for InfraNews, S&P Global Ratings’ Head of Environmental and Climate Risk Research, Michael Wilkins, explains how, despite obstacles, environmentally-friendly infrastructure investment can …

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Increased infrastructure spending and market uncertainty could bolster project finance debt, says S&P Global Ratings

As of June 2016, S&P Global Ratings had rated $159.7 billion of global project finance debt. The majority of the debt is for projects in the U.S. (46%) and Europe (23%), with two thirds rated at investment grade (BBB- and higher). A recent study, published by the S&P Global Fixed Income Research Group, finds that …

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S&P Global Ratings assigns High Speed Rail’s £314 million debt issue ‘A-’

U.K.-based entity High Speed Rail Finance PLC (HSRF) has issued £314 million of senior secured rated debt. S&P Global Ratings has given a long-term ‘A-’ rating and stable outlook to HSRF’s issue, due to the project’s strong stand-alone credit profile. In addition to a lack of construction risk, S&P argues that the project benefits from …

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