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ICC UK’s Chris Southworth on Manchester business opportunities in GM Business Connect

ICC United Kingdom’s Chris Southworth highlights the challenges and opportunities facing Manchester’s business community for GM Business Connect magazine, in a joint commentary with the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce. In a post-Brexit environment, there is plenty that businesses around Manchester can do to protect their interests – including increasing the levels of engagement in …

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ICC UK’s Chris Southworth on why UK businesses need to think global in Director of Finance

In the latest edition of Director of Finance, ICC United Kingdom’s Secretary General, Chris Southworth, explains why it is a crucial time for UK businesses to find their voice and think global. Indeed, there are a number of global opportunities which businesses can tap into, but in order to do so they need to ensure …

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ICC Chairman, Sunil Mittal, talks free trade and protectionism on Ian King Live

Yesterday evening, Sunil Mittal, Chairman of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), appeared on Sky News’ Ian King Live, discussing his concerns about the growing movement away from free trade. The interview came ahead of the ICC’s World Trade Agenda Day in London today. To watch the full interview, please click here.

ICC UK’s Chris Southworth discussing post-Brexit trade deals on Ian King Live

Last week, ICC UK’s Chris Southworth appeared on Ian King Live – Sky News, discussing the UK’s potential trade deals post-Brexit. Following the Prime Minister’s speech indicating that the UK will leave the Single Market, as well as developments at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Chris discusses the opportunities and complexities that UK exporters …

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ICC UK cited in The Telegraph’s Live Davos blog

In response to Theresa May’s speech at The World Economic Forum in Davos today – as well as her speech earlier this week outlining the Government’s exit strategy – ICC UK’s Chris Southworth has been cited in The Telegraph’s Live Davos feed. Chris comments on the practical aspects regarding the UK’s vision for free trade …

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ICC UK’s letter to the Financial Times: UK business must make the case for trade during exit talks

A letter from ICC UK’s Secretary General, Chris Southworth, has been published in the Financial Times. In response to the article, ‘Business should assume a hard Brexit’ – and indications that the UK Government will give up membership to the Single Market – the letter discusses the importance of making the case for free trade …

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TFR reports on ICC UK’s Annual Trade Finance Conference

TFR recently reported on the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) United Kingdom’s 2016 Trade Finance Conference held in December. The conference covered a range of topics from Brexit, global economic uncertainty, and trade finance shortages, to regulation, compliance and the growth of digitisation. It provided a platform for trade finance figures in the UK and Europe …

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ICC UK discusses the need to empower UK corporates in New Business

ICC UK’s Secretary General, Chris Southworth features in the Winter Issue of New Business, where he discusses the challenges UK companies face and how they can yield their influence. In particular, following the Brexit referendum, international business – more than ever before – needs to put forward its collective interests in the Brexit negotiations, for …

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ICC UK’s Sir Mike Rake discussing Brexit on the BBC Radio 4 Today Programme

Sir Mike Rake, Chair of ICC United Kingdom, appeared early this morning on BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme. Interviewed by presenters John Humphrys and Sarah Montague, Sir Mike was first questioned on broadband investment and connectivity, and proceeded to discuss the importance of transitional arrangements and being “intensely practical” while the UK negotiates trade agreements …

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ICC UK discusses EU uncertainty in The Independent

ICC UK’s Secretary General, Chris Southworth, has been quoted in an article in The Independent which discusses the alarm call from UK business leaders about the costs of EU uncertainty. According to the article, many business leaders have put investment decisions on hold amid uncertainty and, most recently, after the High Court ruled that Government …

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