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iGTB’s Herber de Ruijter explains why context is the key to world-class transaction banking services in Global Banking & Finance Review

Pursued by a host of fearless competitors, transaction banks face a task tough staying ahead of the pack – meeting rising expectations, while simultaneously keeping costs down and driving revenues up. The solution to all these problems lies in using client data to understand the context surrounding corporates’ treasury activities, says Herber de Ruijter, Head of …

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iGTB’s Herber de Ruijter writes in FX-MM about how banks can lead the charge when it comes to digital transformation

iGTB’s Head of Digital for Corporate Banking, Herber de Ruijter, has written an expert piece for FX-MM arguing that APIs and historical client data can enable banks to thrive as the industry undergoes widespread digital transformation. With enriched data offering a comprehensive and granular understanding of their clients’ needs and aims, banks can offer new, business-aware services, …

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iGTB’s Herber de Ruijter on contextual and convenient bank services in expert piece for The Paypers

In the age of digitalisation, APIs and vast amounts of existing client data can enable banks to offer entirely new services and enhance bank-client interactions, rather than just keep up with change driven by regulations and industry competitors, says Herber de Ruijter, Head of Digital at iGTB, in an expert piece for The Paypers. De Ruijter says …

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