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ICC United Kingdom Secretary General discusses benefits of Heathrow expansion and infrastructure investment in BBC Business Live interview

Speaking to BBC Business Live, Chris Southworth, ICC Secretary General, explains that the expansion of Heathrow Airport and approval of a third runway was exactly what British businesses needed to remain competitive, especially following Brexit. Countering claims that investment should have gone to regional airports instead, Southworth said it was not a case of “either …

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S&P Global Ratings’ Beata Sperling-Tyler discusses Heathrow’s expansion with Infrastructure Investor

After over 20 years in limbo, and much scrutiny, Prime Minister Theresa May’s government has finally approved the Heathrow airport’s expansion with the building of a third runway. The runway would be the largest privately funded infrastructure project in Europe with a cost of up to £17.6 billion. However, Beata Sperling-Tyler, credit analyst at S&P …

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