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Natixis’ Nordine Naam forecasts the dollar will continue to firm

In his weekly column for FX-MM, Natixis’ Senior Forex Analyst, Nordine Naam, reflects on key currency movements during the second quarter of 2017. In response to an improvement in US macroeconomic indicators, the US dollar is expected to firm further with stable growth and inflation remaining low at 2.21%. Meanwhile, the sterling recovered against the …

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S&P explores the lost infrastructure opportunity in the latest edition of Partnerships Bulletin

Despite the great need to build and maintain infrastructure to stimulate economic growth, governments in the EU, on the whole, are shying away from providing the necessary funding – mainly due to the high risks and high costs involved. This was the conclusion of Michael Wilkins, Managing Director of Infrastructure Finance at Standard & Poor’s, …

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Daniel Schmand in TXF vows ICC will help banks rekindle contract with society’

Following his recent appointment as Chairman of the ICC’s Banking Commission, Daniel Schmand discusses in TXF the ways in which he plans to spend his time and energy carrying on the ICC’s work as the platform for advocating for industry change. Schmand discusses the reputational damage banks have suffered, and how re-acknowledging their key role in facilitating trade and …

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Natixis' Patrick Artus on why the eurozone is over-saving and not stopping anytime soon

The eurozone has a savings glut; in his regular column for FTSE Global Markets, Patrick Artus, Chief Economist at Natixis discusses why it’s set to get worse, why usual solutions won’t work – and what can be done to curb it. To read the full article, please click here.