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UniCredit’s Claudio Camozzo and Jan Kupfer on the potential of bank-fintech partnerships in Finextra

With banks and emerging fintechs introducing new innovations and business models to the industry by the day, the question of how these two parties co-exist in today’s landscape remains. And while some banks may have initially viewed fintechs as a threat, many are now looking to learn from their innovative approach. Collaboration is increasingly seen …

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Deutsche Bank’s Matthaeus Sielecki in Finextra on best practices for bank-fintech partnerships

In a world where bank-fintech partnerships are the best hope for payment innovation, Matthaeus Sielecki, Head of Working Capital Advisory, Deutsche Bank, explores what constitutes best practice for such alliances in Finextra. With the financial services sector undergoing digital transformation, Sielecki notes that not only are products and services changing, business models and approaches to …

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