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Natixis’ Patrick Artus analyses Brexit’s domestic and global effects for Institutional Investor

Immediately after British voters endorsed an exit from the EU on 23rd June, investors cleared $2.1 trillion from the S&P Global Broad Market Index (BMI) in just 24 hours. Now that the dust has mostly settled for post-Brexit volatility, Patrick Artus, chief economist for Natixis, has analysed the hysterical market reaction for Institutional Investor’s Unconventional Wisdom …

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S&P’s view on the impact of a potential rise in interest rates on project finance covered by the specialists

Investor appetite for project finance has been insatiable during the recent years of low interest rates. Yet a new report by Standard and Poor’s Ratings Services suggests that the recent US interest rate hike could mark the start of a new wave of refinancing in the project bond market. In the report, Michael Wilkins, Managing …

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InfraDeals interviews Standard & Poor’s Mike Wilkins on the impact of rising interest rates on project financing

Just as low interest rates have had a positive effect on bank lending in project finance, a future hike could see institutional investors picking up the slack, says Mike Wilkins, Managing Director of Infrastructure Finance at Standard & Poor’s. In a recent interview with InfraDeals he explains that previous low interest rates have meant banks …

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Tradeweb covers early 2015 government bond market activity for Investment & Pensions Europe

A strong rally in sovereign bond markets defined the early part of 2015 – even in Russia, where yields on the 10-year fell nearly 3 percentage points to 4.31% between January and April. Accommodative central bank policy around the world came alongside the rally, as summed up in the piece by Chris Collett, director of …

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Tradeweb’s DataSheet in Italy 24

Il Sole 24 Ore’s English spin-off Italy24 – the only English-language digital newspaper on Italy – used Tradeweb’s government bond DataSheet in an article describing the Italian treasury’s move to ramp up debt issuance. To read the full article, please click here.