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Falcon Fine Art’s Tim Hunter speaks to Luxe Magazine on pricing fine art

Speaking to Swiss Luxury publication, Luxe Magazine, Falcon Fine Art’s Vice President Tim Hunter elaborates how preference for art has influenced the price of works over the years. Although one piece may sell for an extraordinary amount, it doesn’t mean that all of the artist’s works will become valuable, he explained. Each piece is valuated …

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Tim Hunter, Vice President at Falcon Fine Art, discusses the global rise of art financing with Family Office Investor

Traditionally, in order to access the monetary value of their art pieces, collectors had to sell them, an unattractive prospect for those who love and would rather keep hold of the artworks. Art financing has become a new alternative to such ultimatums, allowing art collectors to diversify their investment portfolios by raising finance against their …

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Falcon Fine Art’s Tim Hunter interviewed on ITV News

Following the highly anticipated auction of the David and Peggy Rockefeller Collection – which sold for a record breaking £611 million – Falcon Fine Art Vice President Tim Hunter, talks to ITV News regarding the significance of the collection. Hunter explains that although the collection did include works by Monet, Picasso and Matisse, the Rockefeller …

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Writing for Private Art Investor, Falcon Fine Art’s Tim Hunter discusses the 2018 art market outlook

Deloitte/ArtTactic’s 2017 art market survey reported that political and economic uncertainty is the biggest risk to the art market in 2018. However, writing for Private Art Investor, Tim Hunter, Vice President of Falcon Fine Art explains that the art market is a resilient one, and relatively independent of geopolitical events compared to other assets. Despite …

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Falcon Fine Art’s Spring Newsletter 2018 released

To further promote their art expertise,  Falcon Fine Art has released the most recent edition of their quarterly newsletter. The newsletter, which has been well-received, details recent performance of the global art market and outlook, key sales, exhibitions and events. The full details of the newsletter can be found at the Falcon Fine Art site.

Falcon Fine Art’s Guy Vaissière discusses the rise of art-lending in E-Private Client

As the global art market has expanded, so has the financial sector that lends against it. In fact, today there is an increasing number of collectors across the world opting to leverage their art to gain liquidity for other investments, as well as to expand their collection. For E-Private Client, Guy Vaissière, Business Development Manager …

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Falcon Fine Art’s Tim Hunter speaks to Sky’s Ian King on da Vinci auction

Yesterday evening, Falcon Fine Art’s Vice President, Dr. Tim Hunter, appeared on Sky News  – discussing the importance of Christie’s auction of Leonardo da Vinci’s “Salvator Mundi”. Referred to as “the biggest discovery of the 21st century,” the painting dates back to around 1500 and was lost for nearly 140 years after belonging to King Charles I …

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The art of art lending: Falcon Fine Art’s Tim Hunter discusses the use of art as collateral

The art-secured lending market is booming. In fact, according to report by Deloitte Luxembourg and ArtTactic, the market has expanded to an estimated US$15-US$19 billion of loans outstanding in the U.S loan. Yet, in a guest article for Wealth Briefing, Tim Hunter, Vice President of Falcon Fine Art, discusses the reasons why using fine art …

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Falcon Fine Art’s Tim Hunter features on ArtTactic Podcast

In this week’s episode of the ArtTactic Podcast, Adam Green, Host, speaks to Tim Hunter, Vice President, about Falcon Fine Art. More specifically, Tim talks through how FFA’s clients obtain loans against their artworks, the type of collectors they target and the common reasons why they need capital from their artworks. Also, Tim explains how Falcon differentiates itself …

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Falcon Fine Art interviews the dealers at Masterpiece, as featured on Private Art Investor

This year’s Masterpiece, arguably the biggest date in the UK art lover’s diary, coincided with another key date – Britain’s historic “Leave” vote in the EU referendum. In the most recent edition of Private Art Investor, Tim Hunter, Vice President of Falcon Fine Art, takes the temperature at the fair – exploring the trends across the …

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