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Natixis' Patrick Artus on why the eurozone is over-saving and not stopping anytime soon

The eurozone has a savings glut; in his regular column for FTSE Global Markets, Patrick Artus, Chief Economist at Natixis discusses why it’s set to get worse, why usual solutions won’t work – and what can be done to curb it. To read the full article, please click here.

MENA can access SEPA's benefits too, explains Deutsche Bank's Jens Mikolajczak

Deutsche Bank’s Co-Head of Corporate Cash Management, EMEA, writes in Cash & Trade magazine about the relevance of the Single Euro Payments Area to non-euro corporates. Jens Mikolajczak discusses the ways in which SEPA can lower the hurdles for trade and extend efficiency benefits, particularly for multinationals. To read the full article, please click here.

Natixis writes in Bloomberg Brief on why Troika's austerity measures were not cause of Greek woes

Patrick Artus, Natixis’ Chief Economist, argues in Bloomberg Brief against Greece’s new forefront – and other economists – who advocate anti-austerity beliefs and call for the rejection of the creditors bailout terms. Indeed, Artus believes that far from causing all of Greece’s problems, Troika’s austerity measures in fact created the conditions for its economic recovery. To …

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