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Natixis’ Artus proclaims expansionary monetary policy as the bête noire of Europe’s economy

In a recent IFR article, Natixis’ Chief Economist Patrick Artus argues that despite QE being hailed as a panacea for economic health, it is only for the benefit of the financial markets. Indeed, it is because of bond holders – such as institutional investors and banks – that monetary policies will remain expansionary for a …

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Patrick Artus’ latest Bloomberg blog argues why Europe’s growth is “stolen”

Writing for Bloomberg, Artus argues that the signs of recovery in Europe have not stemmed from the regions own domestic policies or economic performance, but have, in fact, been “stolen” from the rest of the world. For example, the drop in oil prices have effectively acted as a tax cut for European consumers, adding to …

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Patrick Artus argues why the ECB must plan its exit from QE now

In Artus’ latest Institutional Investor blog, he assesses what will happen to the economy when oil prices rise again and the temporary boost to the economy, stemmed from oil prices and the ECB’s own measures, begins to diminish. What’s more, the ECB need to assess what will happen when excess liquidity and a distortion of …

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Natixis' Patrick Artus on why the eurozone is over-saving and not stopping anytime soon

The eurozone has a savings glut; in his regular column for FTSE Global Markets, Patrick Artus, Chief Economist at Natixis discusses why it’s set to get worse, why usual solutions won’t work – and what can be done to curb it. To read the full article, please click here.

Natixis’ Anne-Christine Champion on why the project pipeline may underwhelm again in 2015

In April’s edition of IJ Global, Anne-Christine Champion, Natixis’ Global Head of Infrastructure and Projects, examines why there will continue to be a low supply of projects in Europe, despite hopes that infrastructure plans like Junker’s will restore a pipeline of deals.

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