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Securitising sunshine: Environmental Finance talks to S&P about the future of solar asset-backed securities

Following Standard & Poor’s (S&P) key role in helping to bring some of the first solar power asset-backed security (ABS) transactions to the market, Environmental Finance interviewed Trevor D’Olier-Lees, Director US Utilities & Infrastructure at S&P, about the future of the sector. D’Olier-Lees stresses that the development of solar ABS relies heavily on approval from …

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SFS’ Roland Chalons-Browne writes for Environmental Finance on best practices in offshore wind financing

With climate change climbing higher on the political agenda for most countries in Europe, governments are increasingly exploring alternative sources of energy. One key candidate is offshore wind power. But establishing the proper financing necessary for offshore wind projects is no easy feat. As such, Roland Chalons-Browne, CEO at Siemens Financial Services, writes for Environmental …

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S&P tells Environmental Finance “Climate change is set to test corporate credit”

Climate change is becoming a bigger concern for businesses around the world. Miroslav Petkov and Michael Wilkins at Standard & Poor’s explain that this is because scientific evidence suggests the world will experience more frequent and extreme climatic events in the future, in which companies’ existing insurance and overall disaster risk management measures could prove …

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Energy and the environment: the focus of S&P’s May newsletter

The May issue of Standard & Poor’s monthly newsletter, Infrastructure Outlook, is now out. This month’s edition explores how low oil and gas prices are affecting project finance ratings, concluding that, for now, the dent is minimal, but could become more prominent if prices continue to flat line, or worse, drop further. Elsewhere, global interest in …

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Siemens Financial Services (SFS) Gemini offshore wind project awarded Wind Deal of the Year 2014 by Environmental Finance magazine

The Gemini offshore wind project – in which Siemens Financial Services (SFS) was an equity provider – has been awarded a Deal of the Year award by Environmental Finance magazine. The record EUR2.8 billion wind deal reached financial close in May last year, setting a new benchmark for project finance volumes in the offshore wind …

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