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S&P Global Ratings assigns first green evaluation to Cross Sound Cable LLC, covered by the specialist press

S&P Global Ratings’ first assigned Green Evaluation was to Cross Sound Cable LLC – a high voltage electrical transmission company. Argo Infrastructure Partners used US$120 million of privately placed debt to fund a portion of the acquisition of the Cross-Sound Cable project in August 2015. This undersea cable project transmits power from renewable-rich New England …

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S&P Global Ratings outlines the need for consistent policy on the UK’s CfD regime in Energy World

In an exclusive article for Energy World – the monthly journal of the Energy Institute – Michael Wilkins, managing director of infrastructure finance ratings and head of environmental research at S&P Global, sets out the importance of the UK’s ‘Contracts for Difference’ (CfD) feed-in tariff scheme for reforming the country’s electricity market to include a …

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S&P Global Ratings explores the future of energy storage in new report

New research, recently published by S&P Global Ratings, identifies energy storage as “the final piece in the global energy transition puzzle”. Lead analyst of the report, Michael Wilkins, managing director of infrastructure finance and head of environmental and climate research, suggests that energy storage technology is a key component of the global shift to increased …

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