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Commerzbank’s experts discuss the trade potential of Brazil and India in the specialist press

In an exclusive interview for BRICS Business Magazine, Thomas Krieger and Alexander Rost – Commerzbank’s respective regional FI heads of Latin America and the Indian subcontinent – offer their insights on the trading potential of Brazil and India. 15 years after Goldman Sachs identified the so-called ‘BRICS’ group of major emerging global powers, the economic fortunes …

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Commerzbank’s Robert von Oldershausen examines the resilience of Chile’s economy for FTSE Global Markets

In an article for leading financial magazine, FTSE Global Markets, Robert von Oldershausen, Commerzbank’s Senior Relationship Manager for FI Latin America, explores the economy of Chile, and assesses its capacity to weather current challenges. The article notes that Chile has been at the forefront of Latin American economic growth since the 1980s, posting impressive rates …

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ICC United Kingdom’s Brexit Survey reported in the press – including Sky News, The Economist, and Handelsblatt

As part of an integrated news campaign, Moorgate has worked with the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) in the UK to promote their Survey on international business views of Brexit. Notably, the results showed that 86% of respondents think that the UK should vote to stay in the European Union (EU), with 74% suggesting that …

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A hung parliament means questions linger over Spain’s infrastructure, according to S&P in InfraNews

S&P’s recent research on how Spain’s turbulent political landscape is impacting the region’s infrastructure development is explored in an opinion article for specialist infrastructure publication InfraNews. Despite some promising developments for the sector in 2015 due to overall economic growth in Spain, a history of poor project management, combined with the recent general election result …

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New era, new challenges: Commerzbank looks to Croatia’s future in regional publication

This year marks 25 years of an independent Croatia. It also marks a possible turning point in its political future, as a new coalition government, headed by a technocrat prime minister, takes the reigns. Yet Croatia’s economic footing is not so secure. Six years of recession hit the country hard, and GDP growth was only …

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Commerzbank’s Alexander Rost explores the role of banks in Bangladesh’s development for Trade and Forfaiting Review

Bangladesh’s economic story is remarkable. The country’s poverty rate has halved since 2000, and its development target of becoming a “middle-income economy” by 2021 has already been met. Bangladesh is therefore looking forward to a brighter future. But securing that future means Bangladesh needs better infrastructure to diversify exports, maintain trade, and ensure a stable …

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Commerzbank launches October issue of FI.News at Sibos

Commerzbank has released its latest issue of its biannual newsletter, FI.News, which is available in both print and interactive e-book format. The newsletter offers a range of insights from Commerzbank’s Financial Institutions experts, along with all the latest news, views and updates. This edition focuses on the “conundrum” of compliance in the financial world – how to …

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Patrick Artus explains how next Euro crisis can be prevented in Institutional Investor

In this month’s blog, Artus looks ahead to the possible economic scenario where oil prices have risen, the euro has appreciated and interest rates have risen. Currently, Europe is enjoying various boosts to its economy, but once these quick-fixes have disappeared, there is a possibility that Europe will once more be plunged back in to …

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Natixis' Patrick Artus on why the eurozone is over-saving and not stopping anytime soon

The eurozone has a savings glut; in his regular column for FTSE Global Markets, Patrick Artus, Chief Economist at Natixis discusses why it’s set to get worse, why usual solutions won’t work – and what can be done to curb it. To read the full article, please click here.