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Natixis’ Chief Economist for Asia Pacific discusses Europe’s role in trade war with Cinco Días.

Featured in Cinco Días, the oldest financial and business newspaper in Spain, Alicia García Herrero, Natixis Chief Economist for Asia Pacific, discussed how the ECB’s delay in raising interest rates represents an opportunity for stock markets and European companies to win in the commercial trade war. Ultimately, the trade war is strategic, not tactical, says …

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Patrick Artus argues the UK’s Brexit loss may be the eurozone’s gain in Bloomberg Briefs

The UK finds itself at the epicentre of a unique economic and political experiment following its decision to withdraw from the EU. Yet, Patrick Artus, Natixis’ chief economist, believes the reaction to Brexit has been wildly over-exaggerated. Writing for Bloomberg’s daily newsletter, Artus argues that the UK’s losses following a Brexit – notably forecasted falling …

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Patrick Artus writes for FTSE Global Markets on the ECB’s efforts to reactivate the sluggish eurozone economy

Since 2014, the eurozone has received two opportunities for economic growth: the quantitative easing (QE) programme and plummeting oil prices. But, has the European Central Bank (ECB) capitalised upon these gifts to advance the eurozone economy? Patrick Artus, Natixis’ chief economist, believes the ECB’s success has been partial. Writing for FTSE Markets, Artus explains that …

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Natixis’ Patrick Artus examines ECB’s ability to restore eurozone growth in FTSE Global Markets

Writing in FTSE Global Market, Patrick Artus, Natixis’ Chief Economist, shares his thoughts on whether the European Central Bank’s (ECB) recent economic stimuli is enough to regenerate the eurozone economy. Despite conditions being favourable for an upturn, the eurozone has remained sluggish. In response, the ECB has implemented an aggressive economic package – yet has neglected …

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In El Pais, Natixis’ Artus talks economic recovery, growing inequality and the next financial crisis

El Pais meets Patrick Artus, Natixis’ Chief Economist, to discuss the global economy. Touching on Europe, Artus says that “despite the recent Greek crisis, I’m optimistic on Europe’s recovery”, which he believes many experts have underestimated. Artus argues that there are positive signs in consumption, exports, investment and even in the housing market, which will translate …

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Natixis’ Artus writes for Bloomberg Brief on why the ECB will see QE to the end

In the latest Bloomberg Brief, Patrick Artus argues that despite speculation, the ECB is keen to continue its programme – as made clear by its President Mario Draghi on Wednesday, who said after Wednesday’s monetary policy meeting that “we plan to keep our course steady and unchanged.” For the ECB, the inflationary target was merely …

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Natixis’ Sylvain Broyer examines challenges Lithuania may encounter as newest eurozone member in IFR

In January, Lithuania – a tiny economy which has long pegged it’s currency to the euro – became the last of the Baltic states to formally join the eurozone. However, with Europe’s economy looking somewhat worse for wear, Sylvain Broyer discusses the potential challenges Lithuania may encounter as the 19th member of the union in …

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Natixis’ Head of Economics in IFR: Greece’s flirtation with European defenestration is usual story of Europe’s failures

In IFR’s special eurozone report, Dr Sylvain Broyer, Natixis’ Head of European economics discusses the inconsistencies at the heart of the eurozone’s design, the solutions that have only made matters worse, and the reluctance to make any decision today that can be put off until tomorrow. Indeed, as the impact of austerity was felt disproportionately …

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Patrick Artus explains how next Euro crisis can be prevented in Institutional Investor

In this month’s blog, Artus looks ahead to the possible economic scenario where oil prices have risen, the euro has appreciated and interest rates have risen. Currently, Europe is enjoying various boosts to its economy, but once these quick-fixes have disappeared, there is a possibility that Europe will once more be plunged back in to …

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Natixis' Patrick Artus on why the eurozone is over-saving and not stopping anytime soon

The eurozone has a savings glut; in his regular column for FTSE Global Markets, Patrick Artus, Chief Economist at Natixis discusses why it’s set to get worse, why usual solutions won’t work – and what can be done to curb it. To read the full article, please click here.