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Specialist press cover Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council and Ship Owners Association of Nigeria’s joint Maritime event

The Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council (CWEIC) and the Ship Owners Association of Nigeria’s (SOAN) joint event “The Future of the Maritime Industry in Nigeria” at Marlborough House on 28th September was featured in All About Shipping, Hellenic Shipping News, Oil, Gas and Shipping Magazine, Marine Link, This Day and Marine Network. Investors, business leaders …

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Commerzbank looks towards a modern Bangladeshi economy in World Finance Magazine

Bangladesh’s economy continues to make progress, and is looking to cement its new status as a middle-income country. Writing in leading magazine, World Finance, Commerzbank’s Alexander Rost, Regional Head Indian Subcontinent & ASEAN, suggests that, to achieve this, a diversified economy is essential. This will require expanding new industries, reducing Bangladesh’s traditional overdependence on the …

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ICC Banking Chair, Deutsche Bank’s Daniel Schmand, in American Banker on growth-boosting power of trade finance

Banks have gotten a bad rap recently, but in American Banker, Daniel Schmand writes honestly about why trade finance is the good news story that banking needs. Trade finance helps to foster growth in both developed and developing economies by “making funding available to entities that would otherwise struggle to find working capital for growth. And trade finance involves the production …

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