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UniCredit’s Adeline de Metz in GTR: Supplier onboarding the key to supply chain finance programme success

In light of persistently low interest rates and a need to achieve financial key performance indicator (KPI) targets, Adeline de Metz, Head of Supply Chain Finance Solutions at UniCredit, explains in GTR that larger corporates are increasingly turning to supply chain ļ¬nance programmes and receivables finance to optimise their working capital and strengthen supply chains. …

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UniCredit’s Adeline de Metz explains how supplier onboarding is pivotal to working capital management programme success in TRF News

Against a backdrop of low borrowing costs and increased scrutiny of financial key performance indicators (KPIs), large corporates are turning to comprehensive working capital management techniques such as receivables and supply chain finance to release working capital, shore up balance sheets and create more robust and efficient supply chains. However, many corporates have struggled with …

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