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Commerzbank identifies cybersecurity weaknesses in Banking Technology

In the latest edition of Banking Technology magazine, Commerzbank’s cybercrime specialists analyse modern threats to digital security in corporate banking – and find that the cause for concern lies not in machines, but in people. The article, ‘Computers or humans: where does the threat lie?’, shows just how secure digitalisation has made the corporate banking landscape. Financial technology now …

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Digitalisation and the risk of ‘social engineering’ – Commerzbank warns of the new cybercrime in FX-MM

In an article for specialist magazine, FX-MM, Commerzbank’s cybercrime specialists in cash services find that in the digital age, it is often the human – rather than the computer – that is targeted by criminals in payment fraud. Digitalisation has greatly benefitted the corporate transaction environment. In addition to improving efficiency, digital systems have added …

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ICC UK discusses how to empower cyber-security providers in SC Magazine

In a recent article for SC Magazine, Chris Southworth, Secretary General of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) United Kingdom, and Allen Dixon, International Intellectual Property & Technology Consulting, explain how cyber-security providers can cooperate to help facilitate and encourage standardisation of certifications and practices – and even exercise their power at a global level …

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