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BPL Global’s James Esdaile on the growth of the CPRI market in Reactions

Speaking to Reactions magazine, James Esdaile, Managing Director, BPL Global, provides a candid overview of the past and future of the credit and political risk insurance (CPRI) market. According to Esdaile, the CPRI market has come a long way since he entered the business in 1997 – what was once a small market niche with …

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Credit risk, stranded assets and the environment: S&P Global Ratings’ Mike Wilkins contributes a chapter to a major new Routledge study

With ongoing advances in sustainability, the risk of being unable to monetise ca​r​bon assets grows by the day. A new book from Routledge, Stranded Assets and the Environment: Risk, Resilience and Opportunity, explores the ramifications of asset stranding across various sectors of the global economy. Mike Wilkins, Head of Sustainable Finance at S&P Global Ratings, …

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S&P Global Ratings’ Peter Kernan and Michael Wilkins consider the effects of climate change on corporate credit ratings

As the damages resulting from global weather trends compound year by year, international credit markets have begun to take climate change more seriously, write Michael Wilkins, Head of Sustainable Finance, and Peter Kernan, Managing Director, S&P Global Ratings. The article describes how environmental and climate (E&C) risks—as well as opportunities—may affect an entity’s capacity and …

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BPL Global’s inaugural Market Insight report covered by the specialist press

Market capacity for credit and political risk insurance (CPRI) has grown by 30% since 2015 according to the first ever Market Insight report released by BPL Global, marking its 35th year as the leading CPRI broker. Based on market statistics and BPL Global’s own portfolio, the report provides an analysis of the CPRI market’s capabilities, …

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Crown Agents Bank’s choice of trade finance fintech platform, CCRManager, covered in the specialist press

Crown Agents Bank has become the latest global financial institution to sign up to trade finance risk distribution platform, Capital and Credit Risk Manager (CCRM). Moorgate secured news coverage in Trade & Export Finance and Trade & Receivables Finance News.

Falcon Group’s Emma Clark discusses non- bank financing in a climate of heightened corporate risk for CCR Magazine

Against a backdrop of global economic uncertainty, not only do corporates face an increasingly diverse set of risks, they do so in an era where global bank lending has been severely curtailed. Writing in the latest edition of CCR Magazine, Emma Clark, Falcon Group’s Head of Business Development UK and Europe, discusses how non-bank financing …

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S&P’s Michael Ferguson discusses implications of retiring nuclear assets in FTSE Global Markets

Following a number of nuclear asset closures throughout Midwestern and Northeastern US over the past few years, Director of US Energy Infrastructure at S&P Global Ratings, Michael Ferguson, warns of the implications that could follow continued low nuclear demand in FTSE Global Markets. Traditionally reliant on high profit margins necessary to meet high fixed costs, …

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Steven Renwick discusses how Satago is leveraging technology to enhance credit control processes in PYMNTS

Late payments are a huge issue for many SMEs, with the problem so severe that it has become a key reason for insolvency in the sector. Through its all-in-one cash flow solution, which marries invoice finance and digitally-driven credit control capabilities, Satago aims to address this. In an in interview with PYMNTS, Satago CEO and …

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S&P’s Michael Wilkins discusses gauging project risk in Energy Storage Journal

In an article for Energy Storage Journal –a quarterly journal dedicated to energy storage and smart market grids – Michael Wilkins, managing director of infrastructure finance ratings and head of environmental research at S&P Global, highlights the importance of risk assessment in making energy storage infrastructure commercially viable. In the article, Wilkins highlights the incremental …

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S&P Global Ratings outlines the need for consistent policy on the UK’s CfD regime in Energy World

In an exclusive article for Energy World – the monthly journal of the Energy Institute – Michael Wilkins, managing director of infrastructure finance ratings and head of environmental research at S&P Global, sets out the importance of the UK’s ‘Contracts for Difference’ (CfD) feed-in tariff scheme for reforming the country’s electricity market to include a …

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