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Sibos 2017: UniCredit’s Simone del Guerra discusses the future of transaction banking in video for Global Finance

Speaking in an Expert Perspectives video for Global Finance magazine at this year’s Sibos conference in Toronto, Simone Del Guerra, Global Head of Transactional Sales at UniCredit, discusses the challenges facing correspondent banks, the impact of Swift gpi and instant payments, and considers whether banking is still a people business in the wake of technological …

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​Crown Agents Bank’s Albert Maasland cited in Global Risk Regulator on impact of Caribbean derisking

The Banker‘s Global Risk Regulator magazine has cited Albert Maasland, CEO of Crown Agents Bank, on the impact on the Caribbean of banks’ derisking. With the region having been “hurt disproportionately” by the withdrawal of correspondent banking services, Maasland notes that “Losing access to dollar payment capabilities for the commercial banking sector can be very, very difficult”.

iGTB’s Anand Pande quoted in Euromoney article on challenges in the correspondent banking market

Anand Pande, Head of Supply Chain Finance and Trade at iGTB and founder of The Growth Paradigm Partnership, has been cited in Euromoney in an article on how an operational overhaul is needed for the correspondent banking industry to recover. The article discusses how regulations intended to make the correspondent banking network safer have stifled …

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BNY Mellon’s Dominic Broom talks to The Banker on the digitalisation of trade at Sibos

During banking’s biggest week, Dominic Broom, global head of trade business development, Treasury Services, BNY Mellon talks to Joy Macknight, editor at The Banker, regarding the major challenges that global trade is facing today as well as how banks should be responding to the digitalisation of trade. The full interview can be seen here.

BNY Mellon’s Daniel Verbruggen speaks to EMEA Finance on the value of local-global bank partnerships

A growth in regulatory requirements and in the cost of compliance, have had a massive impact on the traditional correspondent banking model, with many global banks now reconsidering their relationships with regional and local banks from a compliance, credit and operational risk perspective. However in an interview with EMEA Finance, Daniel Verbruggen, managing director, head of …

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Richard Jones and Duarte Pedreira of Crown Agents Bank discuss emerging-market risks in The Banker

Faced with the regulatory compliance costs of high-risk jurisdictions, many banks have taken the derisking route – cutting down correspondent networks and retreating from certain markets. In the latest edition of The Banker, Richard Jones, CEO of Crown Agents Bank and Duarte Pedreira, the bank’s head of trade finance, offer their insights into the causes …

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BNY Mellon features in Euromoney article on the changing face of transaction banking and the surge in banking alliances

Correspondent banking is a crucial facilitator for international trade, yet due to a number of factors – including compliance demands, many banks are being forced to withdraw from some of their correspondent banking relationships. In Euromoney, BNY Mellon’s Dominic Broom (Head of Treasury Services EMEA) explains how correspondent banking has moved towards selective specialism, with non-compete local-global bank alliances …

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iGTB’s Anand Pande cited in Trade & Forfaiting Review discussing world trade and the trend for de-risking

Anand Pande, Senior Adviser in Banking at iGTB and founder of the Growth Paradigm Partnership has been cited in Trade & Forfaiting Review in an editor’s piece on world trade and issues around de-risking and reduced correspondent banking networks. In a section of the article discussing widespread concerns that the world was shrinking away from …

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BNY Mellon’s Dominic Broom cited in TXF correspondent banking feature

Correspondent banking forms much of the bedrock of international trade, allowing banks to make and receive international payments. Yet, a number of factors are forcing some banks to withdraw from many of their correspondent banking relationships. In TXF, Dominic Broom, Head of Treasury Services EMEA, BNY Mellon, discusses some of the reasons for this trend (such …

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BNY Mellon features in three articles in the latest edition of TFR

The latest edition of TFR features thought-leadership contributions from three key BNY Mellon spokespeople across three separate articles. In an exclusive piece, BNY Mellon chief currency strategist, Simon Derrick, discusses how there is plenty to suggest that the yen, rather than the euro, will weaken if levels of risk tolerance improve. To read this article …

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