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S&P Global Ratings’ Michael Wilkins discusses the effects of enhanced disclosure of climate risks and opportunities for Investment Europe 

As evidenced by natural catastrophes – such as earthquakes, storms and floods – environmental and climate risk is non-diversifiable and systemic. With this in mind, the integration of environmental and climate (E&C) concerns into corporate credit ratings is of rising importance to investors, lenders and insurers. But market participants still require comparable and consistent climate-related …

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In The Financial, S&P Global Ratings’ Jessica Williams explains the impact of climate risk on credit ratings

In a recent report on the incorporation of environmental and climate (E&C) factors into global corporate credit ratings, S&P Global Ratings has noted two new trends: the growing numbers of positive rating actions in relation to E&C influences, and the increasing references to E&C factors in our analyses. Writing for The Financial, Jessica Williams, the …

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S&P talks to Handelsbanken about the connection between credit and ESG risk

Talking to Handelsbanken, Marcus Nystedt, Director, explains how he is increasingly aware of the growing attention to, and materiality of, environmental and climate risk for the creditworthiness of corporates and financial services. Moreover, having released a new Green Evaluation tool in the spring of 2017, Nystedt discusses its aggregate scoring mechanism and S&P’s increasing presence …

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