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BNY Mellon’s Michael Bellacosa discusses how banks’ strategies are evolving in response to fintech and digitisation in TMI’s Sibos edition

The payments space has undergone a significant shake-up in recent years, with new technology capabilities and a mass of fintech companies bursting onto the scene. Banks have subsequently been forced to attune to an increasingly digital landscape and a growth of competition. Yet while this revolution has posed challenge to the banking industry, it also presents …

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iGTB’s Herber de Ruijter on how banks should learn from tech companies in Global Finance

Herber de Ruijter, Head of Digital Strategy at iGTB, has been cited in Global Finance magazine in the Cover Story: “Banking On Technology To Serve Customers”. In the article de Ruijter explained how, following the lead set by top technology companies and agile start-ups, banks are learning how to tap into customer behaviour and design more appealing online …

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BNY Mellon’s Jean-Pierre Saint Victor discusses the future of payments in Trinidad and Tobago’s Contact magazine

As the middle class populations of emerging markets grew by 50% in the 2000s, so too have both inter- and intra-emerging market trade flows. In turn, banks must increasingly factor proficient multicurrency solutions into their offerings to cater to this demand. Writing for the Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Industry and Commerce magazine, Contact,  Jean-Pierre …

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Dino Sani from BNY Mellon talks about the power of banking collaboration in BNamericas

While advances in financial technology, or ‘fintech’, have transformed the payments world, it has led client demand for user-friendly and instant payment services in the corporate payments sphere to intensify. With this in mind, Dino Sani, Head of Sales & Relationship Management for Latin America, Treasury Services, BNY Mellon, writes for BNamericas to discuss how …

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Banks joining forces to advance payments: BNY Mellon’s Dominic Broom in FX-MM

With demand for user-friendly payment innovations intensifying due to increasingly rapidly evolving technology, complex trade flows and the advent of millennials, banks need to maintain an industry-leading position by pushing the boundaries of technology to deliver enhanced experiences to clients. Writing for FX-MM, Dominic Broom, Head of Treasury Services EMEA, BNY Mellon, discusses how banks …

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BNY Mellon talks blockchain technology in FX-MM

Activity in the fintech arena is hotting up, with a flurry of bank-fintech partnerships driving the exploration of the blockchain’s potential to streamline the payments process. In an Expert View article for FX-MM, Dhiru Tanna, Sales Officer, Treasury Services EMEA, BNY Mellon, discusses how the blockchain could transform the transaction space, and how 2016 could …

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Bank-fintech alliances to revolutionise B2B payments says new Deutsche Bank whitepaper

Banks and fintechs should partner rather than compete, says Deutsche Bank’s whitepaper ‘FinTech 2.0: Creating new opportunities through strategic alliance’. In the new paper on technological innovation, Deutsche Bank posits that far from seeing them as competition, traditional banks must collaborate with industry disruptors and new players in order to continue to innovate. “Innovation is not …

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Deutsche Bank’s Rhomaios Ram speaks to Bitcoin Magazine on fintech partnerships

Strategic alliances are the future for banks and fintechs alike, allowing both to survive in an increasingly competitive environment, explained Rhomaios Rham to Bitcoin Magazine – ahead of a whitepaper to be published by Deutsche Bank on the same. Rham said that in his experience fintechs are keen to partner, as “they see the benefits that …

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Deutsche Bank’s Kevin Garlan discusses allying with fintech disruptors in Payments Source

Kevin Garlan, Deutsche Bank, discuss the market drivers making bank-fintech partnerships the optimal environment for payments innovation in 2016 with Payments Source.

Fintech and the trading sector: BNY Mellon in GTR

Recognition of the potential value fintech could present is creating a growing fervour throughout the banking industry. And while the trading space has always been regarded as somewhat slow when it comes to embracing and adopting new innovations, it is far more receptive to developments and more inclined to accept new solutions – particularly those …

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