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The rise of art-lending: FFA’s Guy Vassiere writes for ePrivate Client

Besides being a passion and a lifestyle for many collectors, art is also increasingly being seen as a safe investment at a time of great economic uncertainty. Having shown longevity and substance, many investors view art as an alternative asset class – and an ideal way to diversify their portfolios. Meanwhile, the emergence of great …

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Falcon Fine Art featured in Artsy

A recent feature for Artsy explores the pros and cons of borrowing against your art collection as the number of lenders willing to put up cash against high-quality art collections continues to grow. While the majority of banks offering art lending programs tend to reserve the service for existing high-net worth clients, non-bank lenders, such as …

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Falcon Fine Art interviews the dealers at Masterpiece, as featured on Private Art Investor

This year’s Masterpiece, arguably the biggest date in the UK art lover’s diary, coincided with another key date – Britain’s historic “Leave” vote in the EU referendum. In the most recent edition of Private Art Investor, Tim Hunter, Vice President of Falcon Fine Art, takes the temperature at the fair – exploring the trends across the …

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Falcon Fine Art discusses navigating art investment for Yacht Investor

Prestigious and cherished – with historical as well as aesthetic worth – fine art can have extraordinary value as an asset. What’s more, it has the enviable ability to become more valuable as time passes – something yacht investors, who often see their assets decrease in value over time, will appreciate. Writing for Yacht Investor, Clémence …

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Private Art Investor interviews Falcon Fine Art at this year’s Masterpiece

While Masterpiece is primarily centred on dealers, it attracts a wide variety of fascinating and important players. Certainly, art financiers play a crucial role – pumping liquidity into the art market, and facilitating purchases across the industry. In the most recent edition of Private Art Investor, Tim Hunter, Vice President of art financier Falcon Fine …

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Falcon Fine Art expands business that allows borrowers to keep their works as described in The Art Newspaper

In a recent article, Melanie Gerlis, The Art Newspaper, discusses Falcon Fine Art’s (FFA) expanding business outside of the US market, having recently developed a custom-made loan for a client in Ireland. FFA, headed by the former Christie’s director Tim Hunter is gradually beginning to make progress navigating restrictions outside of the US which prevent …

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Falcon Fine Art featured in The New York Times

Falcon Fine Art has been featured in The New York Times, in an article discussing the growing appeal of art as collateral in a fickle market. The article refers to Falcon Fine Art as one of two big self-financed lenders offering non-recourse loans secured by art. Since opening in January 2015, Falcon has arranged about $50 million in loans …

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Falcon Fine Art launches new website

Falcon Fine Art (FFA) – the art financing division of Falcon Group – has launched its new website. A division of Falcon Group, FFA has quickly become one of the leading and most innovative art financiers in its field – leveraging the Group’s experience in asset-backed lending, as well as its growing balance sheet, to offer …

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Falcon Fine Art discusses art financing in Spear’s

Tim Hunter explains the benefits of art financing for Spear’s – a magazine targeted at the financial service sector and high-net-worth individuals. The cultural and emotional significance of art far outweighs its monetary value. However, ignoring its value as an investment can lead to trapped cash. Fortunately, specialist financiers, Falcon Fine Art, offer bespoke art financing solutions that …

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Falcon Fine Art described in the Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal describes how fine art is increasingly being used as collateral for financing solutions. Falcon Fine Art offers non-recourse loans that do not require the borrower’s personal guarantee.