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iGTB’s Michel Jacobs quoted in Global Finance magazine in article on AI in banking

Michel Jacobs, Head of Global Sales and Head of Digital & Payments at iGTB, has been quoted in in a feature article for the December 2017 issue of Global Finance magazine. The article discusses how AI is making waves in CFO offices, and explores where its promise of efficiency will have the greatest impact. Jacobs notes, …

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iGTB’s Michel Jacobs talks contextual banking in Global Finance magazine

iGTB’s Michel Jacobs has been quoted in a Global Finance magazine article about the future of transaction banking where he talked about “contextual banking” – understanding the intent and context of each interaction – and how it will enable corporations to make better decisions associated with executing each transaction. “It’s like FedEx,” says Jacobs. “Corporates …

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iGTB’s Tapan Agarwal featured in Global Trade Review article on AI in financial services

Tapan Agarwal, Product Council Head at iGTB, has been cited in Global Trade Review in an article discussing the use of AI in the financial services industry. The article describes how financial services provides a fertile ground for AI applications because AI’s strength comes from the quality of the data fed to it, and financial …

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