Analysing Apple: Natixis' head of quant research describes a stock pattern matching technique for analysing the computing giant

Will Apple’s share price keep going up, or is the cycle of positive gains nearing its end? Natixis’s head of Equity Markets Quant Research, Adil Reghai, discusses the impact various events could have on Apple’s share price in a commentary article published in US specialist technology investment publication Value Walk. These events include Apple’s success …

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Growth of global offshore wind power provides big opportunities for project finance, according to S&P

Many countries expect wind power to account for a large share of their renewable-energy investment to meet energy and climate goals, but the investment required globally to meet this vision is immense, explain S&P Credit Analysts Jose Abos and Terry Pratt, in an article written for Project Finance International (PFI).  Utility balance sheets and state lending …

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Flexibility is key to supporting sponsors’ ambitions – Natixis’s Graham Olive explains

The escalating Eurozone crisis is weighing on both target business’ financing options and operating environments. Meanwhile, private equity fundraising remains buoyant. In this week’s Private Equity News, Graham Olive, head of acquisition and strategic finance for northern Europe at Natixis, explains why this requires a pliant approach from lenders wishing to support sponsors’ acquisition and …

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S&P Capital IQ announces its latest acquisition

Continuing an acquisition streak that brought Quanthouse and R2 Financial Technologies into the S&P Capital IQ fold earlier this year, the firm recently announced the completion of its purchase of Credit Market Analysis, a valuation and pricing service for derivatives and other over-the-counter securities. Our announcement saw coverage from Reuters, Investment Europe, Reference Data Review, Finextra, RFP Connect, Bobsguide and Mondo Visione. We …

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BNY Mellon Treasury Services Outreach – EMEA Client Newsletter

BNY Mellon Treasury Services’ latest EMEA Client Newsletter discusses issues in the regional transaction banking and treasury management space, and outlines the banks strategies for addressing evolving market and client needs. To read the newsletter, please click here

Standard & Poor's at Rio+20: Latin American coverage

Following coverage in UK Tier One and specialist press (see Capital market involvement holds key for clean energy financing, outlines Standard & Poor’s at Rio+20 forum) The appearance of Regina Nunes, Head of South Cone Latin America for S&P Ratings, at the Rio+20 panel on Corporate Sustainability, speaking on the funding challenges facing renewable energy …

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Writing for Portfolio Institutional, one of Natixis’ chief researchers points to the fundamental shift in emerging market investment

Traditionally, emerging markets offered investors higher risk and higher reward, relative to investing into “developed” markets. According to Adil Reghai – who heads Natixis’ team of 30-plus quantitative researchers – this proposition has now fundamentally shifted. Over the past 12 months volatility risk and liquidity risk in emerging markets have converged with the same risks …

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S&P's outreach – Africa Outlook

In response to the continued increase in the use of S&P’s ratings on the African continent, S&P have launched “Africa Outlook”. The newsletter will be published three times a year and offer S&P’s views and insights into what lies ahead for the continent’s economies, markets, industries and prevailing credit conditions. To read the first edition of Africa Outlook please click here

Deutsche Bank: Taming the open account tiger

Open account settlement is the most popular form of trade finance, but only now is it being brought in line with other instruments in the trade finance sector. An article by Daniel Schmand, Deutsche Bank’s Head of Trade Finance and Cash Management Corporates EMEA and newly appointed Vice-Chair of the ICC Banking Commission, explaining the …

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Citibank transforms Tata Teleservices Limited’s transactional systems

Emerging market telecommunications companies are at the heart of a revolution changing how people communicate. But to remain competitive in a dynamic market, companies need to fine-tune their treasury functions. A case study published in Telecom Asia describes how Citi Transaction Services helped India telco giant Tata Teleservices Limited undergo a major overhaul of its transactional systems. …

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