The likelihood of a global recession: Natixis on FTSE Global Markets

Across the globe, many regions are struggling in the midst of an economic crisis; others are experiencing a marked slowdown or stagnation. These circumstances are seriously threatening global growth – and it is not out of the question that we will soon find ourselves in another global recession. Patrick Artus, chief economist at Natixis, analyses …

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BNY Mellon provides Trade & Forfaiting Review’s readers with an update on intra-emerging market trade

The recent signing of a trade agreement between Brazil and China is a mark of growing maturity in a relationship that has come to define intra-emerging market trade. In the piece for TFR – facilitated by Moorgate – Dino Sani, BNY Mellon’s Head of Treasury Services for Latin America, explores the evolution of this trade …

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Natixis bylined in Investment Europe: Italy and Spain present two very different problems

Patrick Artus, chief economist at Natixis, compares the very different economic situations of Italy and Spain in Investment Europe. In the commentary article he discusses the dangers of grouping the two countries together, and sets out the diverse stimulatory policies needed from European institutions to help the two struggling economies recover. To read the full article, …

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S&P Capital IQ helps the FT make sense of European equity markets

With European markets subject to much volatility, tier one reporters often require expert analysis from professional analysts to help make sense of events. Robert Quinn, chief European equities strategist at S&P Capital IQ, was able to do just that over a quick phone call with the FT reporter responsible for the daily European market update. The conversation – facilitated by Moorgate – resulted in citation, …

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Deutsche Bank: Asia comes of age

In this article for Trade Finance magazine – currently the most read article on the magazine’s website – Shivkumar Seerapu (Deutsche Bank’s regional head, trade and supply chain, Asia Pacific) discusses the maturation of the Asian market, China’s continuing development as the region’s economic powerhouse, and the new dynamics this is creating in the realm of trade …

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Deutsche Bank demonstrates its expertise in The Banker

The July issue of The Banker included a Cash Management Financial Intelligence Guide, containing three articles by Deutsche Bank. Satvinder Singh, Deutsche Bank’s global head of trust and securities services and cash management for financial institutions, explored the impact of macroeconomic and regulatory pressures on transaction banking and cash management.To read the full article, please click here. Rhomaios Ram, …

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Commerzbank: Islamic Finance – Meeting the Challenges

Developing a standardised set of rules and regulations for Islamic banking is proving problematic, argues Carsten Kayatz, Senior Product Manager for Financial Institutions at Commerzbank, in this months GT News. Nevertheless, the sector continues to grow regardless, making detailed knowledge of regional laws and preferences vital alongside the ability to structure bespoke solutions adhering to what are …

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Natixis puts the worrying 'logic' of the Eurozone's economic rescue efforts in the spotlight

Eurozone crisis rescue efforts have decoupled from financial markets logic, writes Natixis chief economist Patrick Artus, in a recently published opinion piece on Investment Europe’s website. In the commentary, he points to the worrying stubbornness of EU leaders’ in their continuation of a strategy that is inefficient and dangerous. The plan to rapidly reduce fiscal deficits and …

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Natixis looks at why French industry is in trouble

France is in the midst of a worsening industrial crisis, writes Patrick Artus, chief economist at Natixis, in his column for FTSE Global Markets. He identifies three particular causes: deteriorating supply conditions, a weakness in demand, and the impact of the eurozone crisis. Unfortunately, in his opinion, not much can be done about weak demand, …

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Falcon Group has benefited from the financial crisis

In an interview on Bloomberg TV with host Linzie Janis, chairman of Falcon Group, Kamel Alzarka, explains the rise of alternative financiers, and how the company has benefited from the financial crisis – providing in excess of US$7 billion to its clients over the past four years. To watch the interview, please click here

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