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Falcon Group discusses alternative sources of corporate funding in Asia

Asia is facing a conundrum: its appetite for funding is increasing just as bank lending from historically liquid continents is shrinking. Strong domestic demand is augmenting company expansion, helping to prop up and stimulate the region’s continued industrial growth and economic development, which, although slowing, remains enviable. Meanwhile, the continued fallout from the global financial …

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Navigating the Sibos 2012 Agenda

To coincide with Sibos 2012 in Osaka, Deutsche Bank has produced a detailed whitepaper highlighting some of the major talking points on the agenda, including: the impact of proposed regulatory change, the changing direction of global trade flows, the rise of Asia in global commerce and emerging payment opportunities in developing countries. One of Sibos’ …

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BNY Mellon are 'making the connection'

As part of its Innovation Series, BNY Mellon’s new brochure ‘Making the Connection’ explores the parallel evolution of personal and financial communication from paper-based exchanges to today’s instant, 24-hour mass communication. As communication lies at the heart of trade, keeping with developments in transaction and data-management technology is key to future commercial success. Read the …

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Falcon Group discusses the coal industry in Indonesia

Andrew Church, head of business development for Falcon Group Singapore provides comment for GTR‘s September/October edition. He discusses the increasingly important role of alternative financiers in Indonesia as government policies and the economic climate impact the country’s coal industry. To read the full article, please click here

BNY Mellon analyses Brazil and China’s trade relationship in gtnews

In light of the growing significance of intra-emerging market trade, Dino Sani –  BNY Mellon’s Head of Treasury Services for Latin America – assesses the continuing development of the bilateral Brazil/China trade connection, and the impact of evolving trends in global trade finance. To read the full article, please click here

Deutsche Bank: Asia comes of age

In this article for Trade Finance magazine – currently the most read article on the magazine’s website – Shivkumar Seerapu (Deutsche Bank’s regional head, trade and supply chain, Asia Pacific) discusses the maturation of the Asian market, China’s continuing development as the region’s economic powerhouse, and the new dynamics this is creating in the realm of trade …

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Falcon Group has benefited from the financial crisis

In an interview on Bloomberg TV with host Linzie Janis, chairman of Falcon Group, Kamel Alzarka, explains the rise of alternative financiers, and how the company has benefited from the financial crisis – providing in excess of US$7 billion to its clients over the past four years. To watch the interview, please click here

The methods for restoring foreign trade in the eurozone, Patrick Artus in Trade Finance

To pull through the current economic crisis, eurozone countries with chronic external deficits need to improve their foreign trade. Patrick Artus, chief economist at Natixis investment bank, has analysed the options for Greece, Portugal, Spain, Italy and France in Trade Finance magazine.  He argues these countries need to focus on increasing exports  by improving price-competitiveness and …

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BNY Mellon Multiple Award Winner at TFR Awards for Excellence 2012

BNY Mellon, the global leader in investment management and investment services, has received Gold awards for Best Trade Services Provider and Best Trade Bank in the Middle East in this year’s Trade and Forfaiting Review (TFR) Awards for Excellence. The firm also received Silver awards for Best Trade Bank in the World and Best Trade Services Provider, as …

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Falcon Group wins "Best Specialist Trade Finance Institution" at TFR Excellence Awards 2012

Falcon Group have won ” Best Specialist Trade Finance Institution” at this years Trade and Forfaiting Review’s (TFR) Excellence Awards. The alternative financier has been recognised in the TFR awards in three of the last four years. Interviewed by TFR following the announcement of the company’s success, Kamel Alzarka, Chairman and founder of Falcon Group,  attributed Falcon’s continued success to its commitment …

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