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S&P Global Ratings’ Michael Wilkins considers the “greenium” debate in Growth Company Investor

It is often claimed that investors purchasing green-labelled bonds pay an inflated price. Writing for Growth Company Investor, Michael Wilkins, managing director, Environmental & Climate Risk Research, S&P Global Ratings, wades in on the debate. Wilkins notes that the limited supply (and overwhelming demand) of green bonds has driven up their value compared to conventional …

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On the ICC’s blog, S&P offers its perspective on green finance and COP23

With environmental disasters becoming an increasing risk, businesses and policymakers around the world are sitting up and taking note of the effects of climate change on trade. Spurred by the 2015 Paris Agreement, carbon-reductive practices in energy and infrastructure – and the necessary financing – are rising, with green bond issuance nearly doubling in 2016 …

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S&P Global Ratings’ first South American Green Evaluation scores E1/85, covered by the Spanish-speaking press.

S&P Global Ratings assigned its first Green Evaluation in South America to the municipal bonds issued by the Province of La Rioja, Argentina, totalling US$170 million. The green-labelled bonds will be used to partly finance the development of the onshore wind farm, Parque Arauco – which will see its current 50.4 megawatts (MW) capacity increased …

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S&P explains why “green finance is more than just green bonds” in Environmental Finance

In order for a bond to be included on the green bond indices, it must be labelled “green” by the issuer, at the point of issuance. However, not all bonds that contribute to climate change mitigation are labelled “green” and not all green financings are bonds. Nicole Martin, Managing Director, Green Evaluations, S&P Global Ratings, …

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The top trends in finance today: Commerzbank’s Enno-Burghard Weitzel interviewed by The Banker

In a video interview filmed at the recent Sibos conference, The Banker‘s Joy Macknight asked Enno-Burghard Weitzel, head product management trade services at Commerzbank, for his take on the top trends in finance today, including progress on blockchain, the value of the bank payment obligation (BPO) and the rise of sustainable trade.

S&P Global Ratings’ Luisina Berberian considers the promises and challenges of the offshore wind industry in specialist publication

Writing for Windpower Engineering and Development, Luisina Berberian, Associate Director, explains that enhanced technology is driving down the cost of offshore wind power. In the U.K, for example, where the offshore wind industry is relatively advanced, the cost of energy generation from offshore wind projects has fallen by 32% over the past five years. Elsewhere, …

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SRI Connect interviews Michael Wilkins on S&P Global Ratings’ sustainability engagements

Michael Wilkins, Managing Director, Environmental & Climate Risk Research, speaks to SRI Connect about the likely future trends in sustainable finance, including the rating agency’s sustainability engagement and increased focus ESG factors. “There is growing momentum in the fight against climate change on all levels and across the world”, he says, “demonstrated by China’s notable …

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