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Commerzbank’s Michael Rugilo and Barbara Herbert highlight the Renminbi opportunity in FX-MM Magazine

The latest fluctuations in the Chinese Renminbi (RMB) have had a significant impact on global markets. Amid slowing Chinese growth rates, European companies might – in the short term – fear adverse implications such as higher export costs and declining share prices. But writing in a feature for FX-MM Magazine, Michael Rugilo, Asia Expert for Commerzbank …

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In Natixis’ latest FX-MM blog, Nordine Naam examines the Eurozone’s recovery

In his weekly blog for FX-MM, Nordine Naam – Natixis’ senior forex analyst – examines how the eurozone’s outlook is set for improvements at last, following a statement by the ECB’s Chief Economist Peter Praet. Despite the central bank’s confirmation of a European recovery, weak internal demand is causing inflation volatility, which – as measured by …

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Natixis’ Nordine Naam in FX-MM on why commodity currencies are set to rebound

In his weekly blog for FX-MM, Naam examines why economic growth in the US, and the subsequent deferral of the first interest rate hike, constitutes a favourable environment for emerging and commodity currencies. This – combined with a rebound in commodity prices and an improvement in China’s economic situation – meant the New Zealand dollar, Australian dollar and Norwegian krone all recorded sharp increases of 4% …

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Commerzbank’s Barbara Herbert and Michael Rugilo discuss trade prospects with RMB for Trade & Export Finance

As RMB gains traction as a world currency, the opportunities for cross-border trade with China and within Asia  continue to grow. But in the light of recent media coverage of a devaluing currency and slowing Chinese growth, what can corporations do to secure and advance their trade operations using RMB? Barbara Herbert, renminbi specialist and Michael …

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Natixis’ Nordine Naam writes for FX-MM on China’s woes

In Nordine Naam’s weekly forex blog for FX-MM, Natixis’ senior forex analyst focuses on China’s recent woes and the ongoing correction of commodity currencies. Indeed, due to the sharper-than-expected economic slowdown in China and emerging countries, Naam predicts a more moderate increase in the Fed Funds rate in 2016. Given this expected hike in the Fed Funds rate, alongside …

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Commerzbank explains how treasurers can gain from RMB internationalisation in AFP’s newsletter

The recent turbulence in China’s markets, coupled with RMB’s devaluation, has caused much consternation among investors and companies alike. However, writing for AFP Online’s Global Treasury and Finance Insights newsletter, Michael Rugilo, Asia Expert, and Barbara Herbert, Renminbi Specialist, at Commerzbank, reveal how treasurers can cope with a volatile currency – arguing that with the correct treasury setups, embracing …

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Deutsche Bank's Evan Goldstein explains how to extract the most benefit from trading in RMB

In this month’s Trade & Forfaiting Review, Evan Goldstein – Managing Director and Global Head of Renminbi Solutions, Deutsche Bank – reviews China’s currency (the renminbi or yuan) as it continues to gather prominence, and the implications for treasurers. Opportunities to benefit from pricing and transacting in RMB are ripe for the picking, although not …

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Evan Goldstein of Deutsche Bank on how the RMB will continue to soar – and businesses can benefit

There are many causes fuelling the rise of China’s currency, including the policy push for internationalisation and the country’s powerful role as a global trader, explains Evan Goldstein, Global Head of Renminbi Solutions, Deutsche Bank in Cash & Trade. And naturally, as the yuan or renminbi continues to grow, corporates are looking to cash in – Goldstein discusses …

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Deutsche Bank's Evan Goldstein on how to exploit the unstoppable rise of the RMB

In Global Banking and Finance Review, Deutsche Bank’s Global Head of Renminbi Solutions Evan Goldstein describes the past trajectory of the RMB and how corporates should go about harnessing its popularity to improve their market position. Please click here to read the full article online or as a pdf.