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Tradeweb’s bund yield data cited by Marketwatch

As the ECB initiates its extensive programme of QE, targeting government bonds, many eurozone bond yields have fallen to record lows. On March 10, Marketwatch tapped Tradeweb data showing that 10-year German government bond yields had fallen to record lows. The full report can be viewed here.

Reuters taps Tradeweb data for feature on negative-yielding bonds

As ECB policy continues to drive up prices in the bond markets, Reuters turned to Tradeweb for government bond data to show that nearly a quarter of all Eurozone bonds are now negative-yielding. To read the full article, please click here.

Tradeweb’s ETF marketplace volumes soar

With overall traded volumes reaching €20.7 billion in Q4 2014, Tradeweb’s European-listed ETF marketplace has more than doubled in volume from Q4 2013. The previously quarterly, now monthly ETF Data Points announcing this saw coverage in ETF Express and

Reuters and Dow Jones tap Tradeweb data

Following Draghi’s speech at Jackson Hole, Reuters France and Marketwatch (a Dow Jones title) used Tradeweb data to show the fresh lows reached by eurozone government bond bid-yields across the eurozone. The Reuters report was also published in Les Echos and Boursarama. To read the full articles please click here: Reuters France, Marketwatch, Les Echos, Boursarama.

Tradeweb explains the liquidity challenge facing European ETFs for Les Echos

All acknowledge that ETFs show massive potential for growth in Europe, but problems in the structure of the market may be hindering its progress. In a piece for Les Echos, Adriano Pace (director at Tradeweb) explains how electronic marketplaces can work to alleviate many of these concerns. To read the full article, please click here

News of @Tradeweb’s electronic ETF hedging tool launch

Tradeweb recently bolstered its ETF offering with a tool designed to make it easier and faster to source, price and trade the underlying securities necessary to create or redeem shares in fixed income ETFs – a move that promises to increase efficiency and liquidity in the market across Europe. Following news outreach and a round …

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Tradeweb launches into ETF space

While Tradeweb builds out and enhances its many well-established dealer-to-institutional customer derivatives and fixed income trading platforms, it also designs entirely new marketplaces. Last week, we formally launched its new ETF trading platform, winning news coverage in tier one financial media across Europe, as well as in more focused English-language specialist publications. The new marketplace …

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Government bond volumes on Tradeweb

At the beginning of each month Tradeweb publishes a number of headline figures from its government bonds trading platform. For July, the growth in trading volumes seen in French and Belgian government bonds led to news stories in Dow Jones and the Wall Street Journal. To read the full article, please click here

Tradeweb: the future of trading in corporate credit

Rupert Warmington of Tradeweb writes for FTSE Global Markets to explain how and why the trading of corporate credit will continue to migrate towards electronic trading platforms. New regulations for execution, reporting and clearing of swaps trades are having an impact in all fixed income markets – but more important are market participants’ requirements to seek enhanced liquidity …

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