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Tradeweb’s Andrew Bernard discusses the state of derivatives regulation in Futures and Options World

In response to the global financial crisis of 2008, policymakers around the world have set about reforming derivatives regulations to make the financial system stronger and more resilient, writes Andrew Bernard, head of Asia at Tradeweb, in Futures and Options World. To this end, the G20 Pittsburgh Summit called for standardised OTC derivatives to be subject to …

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Tradeweb hosts first yen-swap trade under new Japanese trading rules

On Tuesday 1st September, Tradeweb Markets announced that its new regulated marketplace for trading interest-rate swaps in Japan had hosted its first yen-swap trade under the new mandatory Japanese trading rules. “The market has been preparing for the derivatives trading mandate in Japan for some time now, and there has been a trend toward electronic …

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Commerzbank’s Christian Hoppe nurtures emerging fintech talent in Euromoney

The evolution of next-generation technology for banking platforms is a vital component in modern financial services. But while many institutions either rely on in-house work or outsource to third-party providers, some, like Commerzbank, see the value in cultivating new technological talent by supporting the development of emerging players in the industry. In an article for Euromoney, Christian Hoppe, …

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Tradeweb axe functionality improves buy-side discovery of liquidity

Tradeweb has announced that the addition of actionable axes to its trading platforms has significantly improved institutional investors’ access to high-quality liquidity. Axes, added to the platforms in March 2014, indicate where market-makers have inclinations to buy or sell particular instruments – information that dealers can use to find deals faster and at better rates. …

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This month’s Global Investor magazine gets personal with Natixis’ equity team

Global Investor interview Hugues Bechetoille, Natixis’ head of forward trading, Alexandre Vial, head of the single stocks forward trading and Guillaume Charras, head of index forward trading, to find out how they manage their teams across Europe. Paying tribute to Natixis’ strong focus on innovation and its dedication to meeting client needs, the team shed a …

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Tradeweb covers early 2015 government bond market activity for Investment & Pensions Europe

A strong rally in sovereign bond markets defined the early part of 2015 – even in Russia, where yields on the 10-year fell nearly 3 percentage points to 4.31% between January and April. Accommodative central bank policy around the world came alongside the rally, as summed up in the piece by Chris Collett, director of …

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Tradeweb’s DataSheet in Italy 24

Il Sole 24 Ore’s English spin-off Italy24 – the only English-language digital newspaper on Italy – used Tradeweb’s government bond DataSheet in an article describing the Italian treasury’s move to ramp up debt issuance. To read the full article, please click here.

ETF Express interviews Adriano Pace on Tradeweb’s ETF marketplace

Following record volumes in its ETF marketplace over recent months, Tradeweb’s Adriano Pace spoke to ETF Express about the European ETF market and how electronic platforms can satisfy a number of requirements for institutional investors. To read the full article, please click here.

Tradeweb’s bund yield data cited by Marketwatch

As the ECB initiates its extensive programme of QE, targeting government bonds, many eurozone bond yields have fallen to record lows. On March 10, Marketwatch tapped Tradeweb data showing that 10-year German government bond yields had fallen to record lows. The full report can be viewed here.

Reuters taps Tradeweb data for feature on negative-yielding bonds

As ECB policy continues to drive up prices in the bond markets, Reuters turned to Tradeweb for government bond data to show that nearly a quarter of all Eurozone bonds are now negative-yielding. To read the full article, please click here.