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S&P Global Ratings assesses the outlook for American generators post-withdrawal from Paris Climate Accord

Earlier this month, President Trump announced his intention to withdraw the United States from the 2015 UN Paris Agreement on climate change. Signalling a hiatus for the country’s decarbonisation efforts, the move reverberated not only across America but through the world. In light of the unprecedented withdrawal, S&P Global Ratings has published its report, “Withdrawal …

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S&P Global Ratings’ report discusses the boom in offshore wind projects as technology improves and costs fall – covered by specialist press

In Europe, investment in the offshore wind industry has grown at an annual average rate of 30% in the past five years. Elsewhere – such as in the Americas and China – the industry is striving to follow Europe’s lead. But first these regions must overcome a raft of barriers, namely technological concerns, regulatory issues, and …

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S&P Global Ratings unveils a major new overview of the state of US infrastructure

S&P Global Ratings has released a major new report, “Developing US Infrastructure In An Era Of Emerging Challenges: Observations From Key Sectors”. The paper assesses the condition of selected American infrastructure sectors, outlines the specific challenges faced in each, and offers an overview of the methods available to finance them.

S&P Global Ratings releases 2017’s first quarterly Infrastructure Finance Outlook newsletter

The new edition of IFR Outlook brings together the major commentaries, ratings updates and news in the global infrastructure sector over the first three months of 2017. Making the front page is an in-depth feature on the credit implications of “bundling” of project finance assets. Senior director Trevor D’Olier-Lees argues that aggregating assets can “unlock …

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Deutsche Bank’s Anil Walia on the crucial role of supply chain finance in Procurement Leaders

In Procurement Leaders’ November/December 2016 issue, Anil Walia, EMEA Head Supply Chain Finance at Deutsche Bank, explains the crucial role supply chain finance can play in the buyer/supplier ecosystem, contributing to the benefit of all involved. Under the title “Ramping up the synergies in cash-poor times” Walia relates how many of the discussions in which …

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Trump, energy and the environment – S&P Global Ratings releases the December issue of IFR Outlook

S&P has released the December edition of IFR Outlook, the newsletter of key infrastructure and project finance-related research and rating news. In the front-page feature, Michael Wilkins, head of environmental and climate risk research, assesses global trends in climate finance. Looking back at the year since the Paris Agreement, he explains that continued development of the …

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Energy markets in the spotlight: S&P Global Ratings releases the latest edition of IFR Outlook

The latest edition of IFR Outlook – S&P’s monthly newsletter summarising key infrastructure and project finance-related research and rating news – suggests energy markets around the world are under tough scrutiny. In the front page feature, Pierre Georges, director of EMEA utilities, explains that in an environment of weak power prices, Europe’s nuclear fleets face …

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S&P highlights Brexit’s impact on investor appetite for British infrastructure

The prospect of leaving the EU is spreading uncertainty among investors in the UK’s infrastructure, according to a new report from S&P Global Ratings. In the report, ‘Brexit Is Weakening Investor Appetite For UK Infrastructure Assets. But Not For Long’, Managing Director of Infrastructure Finance Michael Wilkins notes that, while Britain has historically attracted more …

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S&P Global Ratings goes green with its latest edition of IFR Outlook

The latest edition of IFR Outlook – S&P’s monthly newsletter summarising key infrastructure and project finance-related research and rating update news – is out now, and the outlook is green-tinted. This month, Michael Wilkins, Managing Director of Infrastructure Finance and Head of Global Environmental & Climate Risk Research, describes a new product to analyse and …

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S&P Global asks: Can UK project finance endure Brexit’s economic woes?

A new report released by S&P Global Ratings outlines the potential effects of Brexit on financing the UK’s infrastructure projects. The report, ‘Brexit Woes Are Unlikely To Hamper Stability Of UK Project Finance Ratings’, suggests that S&P’s portfolio of over 50 rated transactions and private finance initiative (PFI) projects should remain resilient in the face …

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