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Standard & Poor's at Rio+20: Latin American coverage

Following coverage in UK Tier One and specialist press (see Capital market involvement holds key for clean energy financing, outlines Standard & Poor’s at Rio+20 forum) The appearance of Regina Nunes, Head of South Cone Latin America for S&P Ratings, at the Rio+20 panel on Corporate Sustainability, speaking on the funding challenges facing renewable energy …

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S&P's outreach – Africa Outlook

In response to the continued increase in the use of S&P’s ratings on the African continent, S&P have launched “Africa Outlook”. The newsletter will be published three times a year and offer S&P’s views and insights into what lies ahead for the continent’s economies, markets, industries and prevailing credit conditions. To read the first edition of Africa Outlook please click here

S&P’s outreach – Credit Week

Standard and Poor’s Rating Services have been expanding their use of e-books to communicate with key audiences. E-books allow S&P to concentrate their extensive and diverse content output (news, industry commentaries, video interviews etc.) into a single, targeted media channel. While IFR Outlook, for example, is aimed at communicating information effectively to the infrastructure sector, CreditWeek takes a look at the …

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S&P’s outreach – Infrastructure Finance Outlook

In order to keep its clients and stakeholders in the sector up to date, Standard & Poor’s releases a monthly newsletter entitled Infrastructure Finance Outlook (IFR Outlook), containing the latest research from S&P Ratings Services, alongside up-to-date news of rating actions and market trends across the EMEA infrastructure sector. Distributed in both pdf and e-book form, this …

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Capital market involvement holds key for clean energy financing, outlines Standard & Poor’s at Rio+20 forum

The need for significant public and private investment in the renewable energy sector was a hot topic for Standard & Poor’s at the recent Rio+20 corporate sustainability forum, which took place 20 years after the landmark 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro. At a panel discussion at the event, Regina Nunes, Head of South …

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